Becoming an Exceptional Lover

an online course that explores sex, womanhood and manifesting our desires

Are you ready to take full responsibility for your sex life and learn everything you can to become an exceptional lover?

Are you feeling stuck and in need of inspiration? Perhaps you’re yearning for deeper connection, deeper pleasure, excitement and more sexual fulfillment?

Do you want to feel more inspired and confident as a lover?

Are you wanting to connect to your power to be able to manifest anything you desire in life?

Are you intrigued about sex magic and menstruation magic?

Or perhaps you’d just like to explore more and take your sex life to a whole new level?

If any of the above is a YES, then my new online course BECOMING AN EXCEPTIONAL LOVER is for you!

This 4 week course will offer you the knowledge and practices you need to live a sexually empowered life. Over the course duration I will teach a live weekly workshop and Q&A online, with accompanying guidance and reflective exercises sent by email.

Juliet Allen, Sexologist & Tantra Teacher

Juliet Allen, Sexologist & Tantra Teacher


Topics covered in the course are:

  • Self pleasure & orgasm

  • The Four Centres in our body

  • Exploring and understanding our pussy & menstrual cycle

  • Communication skills related to sex and relationships

  • Inner Union and Self Love

  • The art of manifestation

  • Sex Magic

  • Cock and pussy worship

  • Vaginal and anal love making

  • How to feel turned on in everyday life

  • How to integrate these teachings into everyday life

* This course is exclusively for women and has limited spots!

Registration opens June 4th and closes on June 30th 2019.

The course officially begins on Tuesday July 2nd 2019 and runs for four weeks.

Here’s the course dates (if you can’t make the time, or you miss a week, all workshops will be recorded for you to watch in your own time):

July 2nd - 7pm AEST

July 9th - 7pm AEST

July 16th - 7pm AEST

July 23rd - 7pm AEST

Your Investment

$149 Early bird special offer - register June 4th - June 11th, 2019 and make the most of this discounted rate!

$199 Regular registration - register between June 12th - June 30th 2019


** These are the only dates scheduled to run this course in 2019. If you’re interested, jump on board and make the most of this LIVE offering with Juliet!

About Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Coach, Tantra Practitioner and host of the Authentic Sex podcast.  With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet facilitates 1:1 coaching sessions, educative workshops, and transformative online courses. Juliet’s purpose is to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality and transform their sex and relationships.

Juliet comes from a background in psychology and sexology, is a qualified Yoga Teacher and is trained as a Kundalini Tantra practitioner. Juliet is a committed mother, passionate entrepreneur and lover of all-things sex and sensuality. Known for authentically sharing her own personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman, Juliet is committed to freeing people from mundane and disempowered sexual relationships and opens up the conversation of how to have great sex every day.

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