Are you ready to infuse more life into your sex life and satisfy your cravings for great sex, every day? You're in the right place.

Written by Juliet Allen, Sexologist, Sex and Relationship Coach, Educator and Columnist, and featuring contributions from a collection of leading Australian health experts, The How to have Great Sex Every Day E-Book is your guide to awakening lusty passion and provoking heart-fuelled sexual pleasure in your life. 

Blending psychology, science and spirituality with ancient practices and modern wisdom, How to have Great Sex Every Day is devoted to helping you embrace your unique sexual journey while showing you how to love and honour your mind, body and soul with self-love and sexual self-pleasure. 

And, of course, it’s all about … having great sex, every day. Solo or with a partner. 

How To Have Great Sex Every Day was a fabulous introduction to the world of great (orgasmic!) sex. I loved Juliet’s honest, expert advice and the contributions from other Australian health professionals were transformational. Thank you, Juliet, for debunking the boudoir and making great sex, every day, possible.
— Cassandra Lane, Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine


In the How To Have Great Sex Every Day e-book you will:


  • Empower yourself with science-based insights and resources on the anatomy of our sex organs (i.e. your GPS system to adventuring into your pleasure!)

  • Reconnect with yourself, your partner and your sexuality.

  • Feel inspired and educated by interviews with a Tantric Priestess, Nude Yoga Instructress and Jade Egg Coach, Orgasmic Meditation Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

  • Learn how to drop the blame and shame surrounding sex and embrace unconditional self-love as a pathway to a healthy, mind-blowing sex life

  • Harness ancient and alternative sexual practices like Tantra, Acupuncture, Jade Eggs, Nude Yoga and Orgasmic Meditation to enrich your sex life and fuel your libido.

  • Learn how to reawaken your sex drive and channel your sexual energy. 

  • Discover how to feel better nakedwithout resorting to crazy diets or over-the-top exercise regimes. 

  • Discover the key to nourishing your sexual appetite with healthy nutrition, sexual superfoods and high-vibrational foods. 

  • Bridge the gap between spirituality and sexuality for a holistically satisfying sex life. 


Ready to fire up your love life and reawaken your libido? Purchase your copy of How to have Great Sex Every Day.


I love this book for its holistic approach to all things sex. Nutrition, fitness, anatomy, self-love, masturbation, spiritual sex and practical tips on how to get more sex – this book covers it all. Juliet’s down-to-earth, open and cheeky approach to all things sex makes this book an informative, humorous and interesting read. Loved it (and learnt loads of new things, too)!
— Alana Helbig, She Makes Magic
Juliet’s relaxed and relatable voice makes reading about sexuality a comfortable and extremely informative experience. Her extensive knowledge and passion for empowering individuals in their sexuality is clear. Juliet’s writing is as perfect for individuals struggling with their sexuality as it is for those who are thriving and don’t want to lose momentum. After reading ‘How To Have Great Sex Every Day’ I felt empowered both in and out of the bedroom, and most importantly allowed me to get exactly why I wanted (and needed) between the sheets!
— Madeleine Gleeson, Local Lab
Juliet is the sexually empowered voice of the high-grade-living youth generation. How To Have Sex Every Day is an essential read for the younger generation who want to connect the dots between their mental, physical & sexual selves. Juliet’s book gave me to confidence, encouragement & tools to reconnect with my sexual self and I’m eternally grateful for her wisdom and advice!
— Lia-Belle King, Worn Store
How to Have Great Sex Every Day is not so much a how-to manual, but rather an inclusive guide to achieving a life balance so fulfilling that great sex comes naturally. From nutrition to meditation to knowing your own body, Juliet Allen takes a healthy and holistic approach to sex. Through incorporating interviews with a diverse array of professionals, along with her own expertise as a sexologist, Juliet offers practical, positive solutions to your romantic issues and sexual qualms.
— Arabella, The Ladies Network