Sex & Relationship Coaching

Sex & Relationship Coaching is for women and men who want extraordinary relationships and mind-blowing, connected sex and intimacy. My background is in psychology, sexology and Tantra. Every coaching session is transformational and unique to the individual. 

As a Sex & Relationship Coach I specialise in helping you in the following areas:

  • Navigating relationships - the ups and the downs

  • Reigniting your sexual energy & libido

  • Ending disempowering relationships

  • Self-pleasure & self-love practices

  • Tantra & Kundalini - accessing your sex centre, your heart centre & your consciousness

  • Sexuality - exploring who you are as a unique sexual being (inclusive of all sexual and gender identities)

  • Feeling empowered and building confidence and self-esteem as a single woman or man

  • Dating advice

  • Connecting with your three centres - your animal, your heart and your consciousness

  • Exploring the Tantric Breath

  • Awakening your ecstatic, orgasmic body

  • Learning how to successfully and sensually relate to your lovers

  • Learning the dance of seduction

  • Moving beyond the mind and dropping into your body

  • Building energy & expanding pleasure

  • Moving through guilt, shame and fear surrounding your sex and sexuality

A one-off coaching session can be life changing, however if you’re committed to ongoing transformation, empowerment and support, I recommend committing to ongoing sessions with me over a 3 month period.

* Each session is 60 minutes in length and via Skype or phone call.


Testimonials & Love

After ONE session with Juliet my relationship with sex and with my partner expanded. I couldn’t believe it. Her work is magical. Juliet then worked with myself and my partner, which yielded wonderful results. We feel closer, more connected and have a much better understanding of sex as a ritual. Juliet’s style is calm, collected and sensual. I have never worked with a practitioner like her. For me, working with her one-on-one was soul-shifting. It shifted my perspective on sex with myself and with my partner. So grateful for you, Juliet.
— Amy
I gave my partner a couples Tantra coaching session with Juliet as a birthday present — needless to say he was pretty thrilled. We learned so much in our time with Juliet — from theory, to practice, to new ways of thinking about and exploring sex together. What we loved most about Juliet was her authentic and honest approach to all things sex. It’s a topic we so often feel intimated to bring up, but shining a light on this space can produce some real magic. We put Juliet’s wisdom into practise when we got home and I can honestly say I had the best orgasm of my life … so I guess it really was a present for both of us.
— Anonymous
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Juliet during one of the hugest growth phases of my life. Her energy is warm and welcoming, and her style is edgy and bold. Juliet helped me step into my own personal power as a woman and wear the radiance and boldness of my sexuality with confidence. Through my sessions with Juliet I’ve tapped into a greater dimension of self and a greater depth of heart and it’s having a ripple effect on all areas of my life! I have so much gratitude for this amazing woman. Thank you for profoundly impacting my life, Juliet.
— Hannah
After just one coaching session with Juliet my sex life with my girlfriend changed ... f*cking mind-blowing sex is an understatement! Thank you for everything, Juliet, you are incredible!
— Violet
I came to Juliet after a few bad break-ups, wanting to break the cycle and learn from past mistakes. She helped me uncover my fear of intimacy and gave me the tools to move past it. Body confidence has also been a huge issue for me, and we worked on that too. I never used to feel comfortable naked, with myself or even around long-term partners, but now I just want to be naked all the time! I have a new appreciation for my body, myself and my innate femininity.
— Amy
There is this serene and grounded manner about Juliet that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, because she is. She has the most charismatic mix of educated professional academic in her expert field with cheeky girl next door; so down to earth, you feel like you could whisper all your secrets to her without judgement, and you definitely can. And this is where the magic happens, in trusting this incredibly talented and heart-centred woman to guide and support you through your own healing or learning experience. Juliet ‘walked’ with me and some dark aspects of myself that I wanted to learn to love. Her healing space feels like she does; safe and supportive. Trusting Juliet’s exercises, practices, and attention, I was able to transmute some engulfing needy, insecure feelings into real beauty and self-love. You will walk out stronger, energetically cleaner and proud that you made the effort to gift yourself a session with Juliet.
— Rebecca
We should look no further than this woman, who is not only in touch with our needs, but exudes the very essence of what it is to be a sexual woman in this day and age.
— Zoe
There was something about her eyes and the way she looked into mine that gave such a sense of comfortability. I had never opened up with anyone the way I did with Juliet yesterday. Her confidence was so contagious and rewarding to see. She really guided me to where I needed to go. I haven’t stopped ranting and raving about her and what she has brought out in me. I will forever think back at this meeting as one of the big leaps in my sensual journey. To be completely honest it felt more like a deep conversation with a great friend than a session. This was all through Skype, I can’t imagine the energy flowing when the meetings are in person!
— Mel
When I hit problems in my relationship Juliet was my beacon. As my coach she immediately created and held a safe space for me to unveil myself. I laugh and cry and see only love in her face. I feel empowered knowing I have Juliet in my life. Her work is humble and profound.
— Charlotte
Juliet is such a powerful woman. With her presence and divine energy she lights up the room. She definitely knows how to tap into the energy of the people attending her workshops. And I just love the way she brings her wisdom; very authentic and with lots of humor. The questions Juliet asked me during our coaching session were spot on. If you’re looking for someone who can help you find balance within the healthy masculine and feminine, then Juliet is definitely the right person to connect with.
— Victorine

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