Welcome to The Mindful Sex Guide

A Holistic 7 Day Guide To Creating a Life That Supports Great Sex Every Day!

Congratulations, beautiful human. You are one in a million; you have invested your time and money into creating an amazing life that ultimately supports great sex every day!

Just signing up to this online course is a massive step towards joy, pleasure and deep connection … I’m so excited for you and your journey over the next 7 days (and weeks and months to follow!)

So, how does this course work? Well, it’s very simple. There are seven modules, designed to be completed over seven days (however you are very welcome to take your time and complete them at your own pace). Each day you are to read the written content, listen to the audio and then get stuck into the journaling and homework.

I recommend you take your time completing this course, don’t rush. And remember, this course isn’t a quick fix … it’s up to you to make the big changes and commit to transforming your life (and sex life!) from here on in. It may not be easy, in fact the journaling and homework may really push you out of your comfort zone, but I promise you it’s worth it.

And if you need a little extra support, feel free to drop me a line and enquire about 1:1 sex and relationship coaching. My email is - hello@juliet-allen.com

Love always,

Juliet xo