A Holistic 7 Day Guide to Creating a Life That Supports Great Sex Every Day

The secret to an exciting, fulfilling sex life is simple.

It isn’t just about sex. It doesn’t even begin with sex. 

Great sex starts with creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle supported by positive relationships. It starts with a strong inner union, a happy home and a rewarding career.

All these elements are pieces of one big puzzle called life — but you’re not expected to put them together on your own. That’s what The Mindful Sex Guide is for. 

The Mindful Sex Guide is a practical seven-day course that approaches sex and connection holistically. Juliet has written this online course in her signature down-to-earth style, while incorporating inspiring and informative audio clips, effective exercises and valuable real-life advice along the way.

During this course you will discover:

  • How to turn your home into a sacred space where you can connect deeply with yourself and others

  • The foundations for optimal health, well-being and heightened libido

  • Ways to explore and strengthen your inner union (the relationship you have with yourself)

  • What role your family, friends and lovers are really playing in your life, and how to support them without neglecting yourself

  • How your career can affect your drive for deep intimacy, and what you can do about it

  • Why your financial situation can impact your sexual energy and relationships, and how to regain control

  • Ways to examine and reinforce your relationship with sex on a much deeper level

    The Mindful Sex Guide creates the perfect opportunity for you to put yourself first and learn how to build a life that you love — one that supports great sex, every single day.


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