6 Places Everyone Needs To Have Sex in 2017


It’s 2017 and the beginning of a fresh new year … with this in mind there’s no better time than now to put some fresh new items on your bucket list, beginning with new places to enjoy sex. Here’s 6 locations I recommend you explore in 2017:

#1 Whites Beach, Broken Head

This super lush beach is hidden away near Byron Bay, Australia. Follow the dirt track up the hills and then walk down a steep path through the forest to this beautiful little beach that is the home of secret caves & white sand. I recommend visiting mid-week to ensure you have space for yourself & your lover.

If you can’t make it to Byron, find your local nude beach & enjoy the freedom of swimming naked and being free in an environment where everyone else is doing the same. Sex at a nude beach is a logical thing to do, right?

#2 A private onsen in Japan

An onsen is a Japanese hot spring that can be visited and used to bathe in. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsens scattered throughout all of its major islands. Traditionally the onsens are strictly for only men, or only women, with nudity at onsens being the norm. I recommend finding an exclusive onsen that you can hire out as a couple and gain privacy in. Or find one that allows for both genders & find a sneaky spot to enjoy a hot rendezvous.

#3 In the large window of a luxe hotel

Treat yourself to a luxury 5 star hotel room with your lover. Request a room that overlooks the city views, or the ocean front … ultimately you want a room that has big windows and runs the risk of people seeing in if they look hard enough. This location gives you the risk of outdoor sex, but with the safety of being indoors. It’s definitely one for the exhibitionists.

#4 In a church

I can feel some of you cringing as you read this … and then the rest of you who are like me and think fuck it, why not. Having sex in a church is erotic, it’s naughty, it’s taboo … take things to a whole new level and have sex in the confession box in a catholic church. Now that’s naughty.

#5 In the back of a car

On my hit list this year is a Range Rover, but hey, whatever car suits you. The thrill of fu*cking in a car is fun … you run the risk of people seeing you through the window and the sneaky-ness of it is a huge turn on. 

#6 Under a waterfall

Sex in nature is beautiful … sex is so primal and natural that being in natural surrounds while making love is incredibly powerful. Find a waterfall that you love and either have sex in the water, or find a beautiful rock or clearing next to the waterfall and soak up the sounds of nature whilst enjoying the ecstasy of sex.

This article was originally published in THIS STAYS PRIVATE