Banishing Period Pain and Endometriosis with Tantra and Kundalini

Artist // Gustav Klimt

Artist // Gustav Klimt


Women, what's your relationship like with your cycle and your menstrual blood? How in tune with your body are you at the different stages of your cycle throughout the month? What do you do to honour your body during the time that you bleed? I'm asking these questions, because I wish someone had asked them of me years ago. 

You see, for years, I was that woman who 'pushed through' my period; I numbed my cramps with pain killers, plugged myself with tampons and kept working and exercising like a mad woman.

After years of super painful periods I sought out help naturally and began treating myself with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This definitely took the edge off, the pain eased, and I thought I was officially on top of it all. 

Years later I found myself in a relationship where I was pushing down my feminine energy A LOT. My masculine energy was running the show and I’d fallen back into GO, GO, GO and PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Not surprisingly, the excruciating period pain returned worse than ever. In fact, it was so bad that I ended up in hospital with suspected appendicitis … doctors realised it was just REALLY BAD PERIOD PAIN.

Next minute I was on a waiting list to have a laparoscopy to check me for endometriosis (which had already been confirmed in previous surgery) and I was like “Wait, WTF?! No way am I going under the knife again!”. I knew there had to be a natural way to heal myself, after all, I’d spent my whole life healing every other ailment naturally ... I was convinced endometriosis could be healed too.

Around the same time I began exploring Tantra and Kundalini on a deeper level. I learnt that I had been suppressing my deep emotions A LOT, I learnt that my pattern of pushing shit up hill definitely wasn’t serving me, and I learnt that I had been suppressing my sexuality and still had a lot of shame and guilt around my sexuality and my desires. 

It wasn’t long before I attended a Kundalini Tantra practitioner training in Bali and learnt how to run my kundalini energy in my body every day. I began expressing ALL emotion freely, I cleared out past trauma and stuck energy,  and I found the courage to let go of a long term relationship that wasn’t serving me. Finally my feminine energy began to flow and surrender again, and my womb space and pussy felt more alive than ever!

And guess what? My period pain literally disappeared! No joke, I went on the 10 day Kundalini Tantra practitioner training in Bali, arrived home expecting to be in bed with my next bleed, and miraculously the pain just NEVER CAME BACK.

So, I can officially say that I legitimately cured myself of endometriosis and years of SEVERE period pain, all with the magic of Tantra and Kundalini!

Following on from that, I now use my blood each month in sacred ritual to manifest, I don’t use tampons, and I take 4 days off work when I bleed EVERY month to rest and create magic. 

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