Why Coming Out As Bisexual Is Important


I’ve spent my whole life identifying as just ‘sexual’. I was adamant that labels were unnecessary and was confident in who I was as a sexual woman. I guess as a young woman I was fed the lie that if I was into women, I was a ‘lesbian’, and I didn’t identify with that…so I avoided labels altogether.

These days, and only recently, I identify as ‘bisexual’. I still don’t completely agree that labels are necessary, because sexuality is fluid and in the end we fall in love with people, not just their genitals…but for the sake of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Intersex & Queer) alphabet, I’m a proud bisexual woman. I identify with being bisexual because I am attracted mentally, and physically, to both men and women. 

In my opinion, women (and men) like me need to come out more often, empowering others to come out and creating more visibility for the bisexual community. Bisexuality wasn’t really an option for me as a young women because it wasn't talked about, and certainly wasn't mentioned as an option by my parents or teachers. For me, coming out was important because it shows the world (in particular our young LGBTIQ community) that being bisexual is okay and is a legitimate sexual identity that is completely normal and natural.

“But isn’t bisexuality just a stepping stone to coming out as gay?”, some would ask. It could be, and if it is, that’s okay too. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be, and the point I want to make is that bisexuality is REAL (I know, I’m a real-life walking talking bisexual woman) and coming out as bisexual is just as important as coming out as gay, or lesbian.

In the end we are all unique, amazing, sexual beings. Gay, bi, straight, lesbian, trans…we must stop judging each other and instead embrace diversity. The world would be boring if we were all the same. I love my bisexual identity, and I encourage other bisexual people to embrace who they are and share their uniqueness with the rest of the world.

Juliet Allen