5 Things You Have To Tick Off Your Bucket List in 2016


It’s January 1st, and I’m feeling adventurous. On my list of goals for 2016 I have written in bold: ‘Explore My Sexuality Even More’ . Naturally as a Sexologist it’s assumed that I’ve tried and tested almost everything… but the truth is there is always room for new experiences and growth and I truly believe that exploring my sexuality will be a life-long adventure.

So in the spirit of fun and ‘sex education’, I’m adding five new sexual adventures to my own bucket-list in 2016. No, I’m not going to share my personal sexual goals, ‘cos my sex life is mine, and I’m keeping it that way. However for your own pleasure, I have listed five new ideas that you may like to add to your own list. Perhaps you’ve already ticked these off, or you have other ideas that float your boat…either way enjoy 2016 and remember that owning your sexuality and sexual power is God damn sexy.

#1 Attend a Tantra Workshop

I’m a big fan of Tantric practices and recommend jumping online and finding a workshop to attend in your local city. Believed to date back 5,000 years, Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. Like yoga or Zen, it is practiced for the purpose of enlightenment — and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life. In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm equal spiritual awareness at its peak. 

I myself am attending the Taste Of Love Festival in Byron Bay this year. I’ve been to this festival a few years back and it literally blew my mind…it was at this festival that I experienced my first full body energetic orgasm. Seriously amazing.

#2 Enjoy a Threesome/Group Sex

It’s a common fantasy that many of us want to ‘one-day’ turn into reality.  If the thought of group sex turns you on, I recommend trying it out sooner, rather than later (hint: put it on your bucket list this year). 

#3 Explore Anal Play

Anal play isn’t for everyone, but I say try everything once and you may discover that you absolutely love it. If anal play is on your bucket list in 2016, I recommend reading Anal Sex Myths {De-Bunked} and getting anal savvy before diving in the deep end. 

#4 Attend a Sex Party

Ok I admit, I’ve never been to a sex party and it’s on my list. Being the naturally curious woman that I am, I like the thought of a room full of people having sex. Perhaps I’ll get there and freak out, perhaps not… but I figure it’s worth a look-in. Don’t know what a sex party is? Read about it here.

#5 Talk to a Sex Coach

That’s me, I’m a Sexuality Coach. Nope, there’s no nudity and there never will be. Yes, we talk about sex and we make a solid plan to get you your sexual goals. Sexuality Coaching is about getting real with how you desire to feel and what you want to experience. It’s about moving forward and creating opportunities for growth and sexual exploration. Are you seeking more sex, or more fulfilling sex? Sexuality coaching is for you. Talking to a ‘Sexpert’ about sex is empowering and is a must-have if you want an amazing sex life any time soon. Email me for more info at hello@juliet-allen.com