7 New Year Rituals You Need For Better Sex


It’s that time of the year again; I’m sitting on my couch eating leftover Xmas chocolate whilst putting plans into place for the year to come. I truly believe that how I enter the New Year is how the year ahead will unfold, and so with this in mind I'm sharing my favourite NYE rituals with you upon entering 2016. Note: Following these rituals does not guarantee 365 days of great sex…however I do believe that if you follow just a couple you will feel clarity and peace, and with this comes a desire for deeper pleasure and intimacy.

#1 Wear new sexy lingerie on NYE

Don’t begin the year in your old underwear! Start the year fresh! I always begin the New Year in new, never-before-worn underwear. This year I will be wearing a matching white lacy set, just ‘cos white is fresh, crisp and sexy.

#2 Clean the entire house

Prior to NYE I clean out all cupboards, old clothes, the fridge, the food cupboard, my office etc. I also have our cleaner come over on the 31st of December to give the house one more thorough tidy up (alongside putting new sheets on the beds etc). I’m a big believer in clean house = clean head. Starting the New Year with a messy house is my worst nightmare.

#3 Write up what I want in 2016

I work well with goals and always have a list of them where I can see them everyday. My goals in 2016 include: move into my dream home, employ my new business coach/mentor, triple my income, invest in shares, attend a sexuality conference in February, read more books on sex and relationships & launch my lingerie label, Juliet Apparel.

#4 Wake up early on New Years Day and exercise

I love starting the New Year with exercise and fresh healthy food. I always cut out sugar and processed food for the entire month of January…this gives my body a chance to detox after Xmas and boosts my energy and vitality. I also find my sex drive increases when I’m feeling great about my health and wellness.

#5 Burn a new candle on January 1

I always chuck out any old candles on the 31st December and begin the New Year by burning a brand new, good-quality candle. I make a secret wish for myself and my family when I light it for the first time.

#6 Burn Sage on New Years Day

Sage smudging can help combat negativity and clear the energy in your home, helping you start the year anew. I burn sage at least once a week during the year and always smudge the entire home on New Years Day.

#7 Bring in the new year enjoying sex

Every year my desire is to tick over to the new year whilst enjoying sex. I know it may sound cliche because I’m a Sexologist, but it’s true. I don’t just see sex as sex, I see it as a form of meditation, ecstasy and therapy. Sex is where I feel powerful, empowered and truly myself, hence beginning the New Year having sex is always my goal.