Other People's Sex Lives: 4 Things Other Couples Are Doing


It’s not uncommon for couples to compare themselves to others when it comes to sex and relationships. It’s natural to feel curious about what others get up to in the bedroom; Are they having more frequent sex than us? Do they use sex toys? Did they end up having that threesome that they wanted? With this natural curiosity in mind, here are 5 things other couples are doing in the boudoir:

#1 Enjoying quickies frequently

In my opinion, ’Quickies’ are getting a bad wrap. There’s so much focus on long, sensual sex, that there seems to be an expectation that everyone is doing it. The fact is, most couples frequently enjoy quick sex. ‘Quickies’ are just that; quick and pleasurable. Sex doesn’t always have to be long and drawn out, and most couples enjoy quickies far more frequently that you think.

#2 Fantasising about group sex

Group sex is a popular fantasy, with threesomes being a much talked about topic in the households of many. But do most couples actually go ahead and have threesomes? The answer is no. It’s a common fantasy, and a huge turn on…but many couples choose to leave it at just that, a fantasy.

#3 Masturbating, alone

Masturbating alone is a common practice for many couples (whether they admit it or not). The fact is that no matter how much sex people are having together, masturbating is an important practice of self-love and self-pleasure.

#4 Having little or no sex at all

Yes, it’s true; many couples end up having very little sex. The truth is, couples get bored, life gets busy, and the honeymoon period ends. A very common challenge that couples face is having little sex (if at all). No one likes to admit it, but it’s true. If this is you, believe me, you’re not alone.

Published on the HERO Condoms Blog in July, 2015