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4 Superfoods to Boost Your Sex Drive

We’re either doing it, or not doing it. Talking about it, or not talking about it.  Thinking about it, or not thinking about it.  It’s a topic of discussion amongst the young and old and yet, more often than not, a lot of us struggle with actually having enough energy throughout the day to enjoy intimacy & sex with our partners or, dare I say, with ourselves.  There are many factors that need to be considered when thinking about our drive for sex, but for now let’s look at how adding superfoods into your diet can up your libido and zest for life.

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5 Ways To Love The Skin You're In + Feel Sexy Everyday

It’s not always easy to feel authentically sexy and comfortable in our own skin, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy.  ‘Stuff’ seems to get in the way of our natural ability to feel and radiate sexiness.  We are created to be sexy and yet somehow, over the years, we are hit with some hard knocks; break-ups, heartbreak, awkward sexual experiences, death of loved ones… the list goes on.  Life is often challenging but it’s up to us to pick ourselves up and reclaim our right to embrace our bodies and our desire for sexy, hot sex. 

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