Why Sex & Intimacy Are Good For Business


Ever feel so wrapped up and passionate about your business that it’s a challenge to find time for your relationship and sex life?  Feel like you are torn between two lovers, so to speak? Successfully balancing business and pleasure is an art form that requires patience, passion, communication and great health.  

It’s no secret that sex is great for your physical and mental, health and wellbeing. Regular, healthy sex is fun, pleasurable and creates a unique opportunity to experience intimacy and connection with your partner. But what happens when business is busy and your fast-paced entrepreneurial lifestyle zaps you of any energy left to be intimate at the end of the day?  

Here are 3 ways that you can boost your libido while keeping both your business and sex alive and kicking for years to come: 

Stop The Glorification Of Busy 

Being too ‘busy’ is not cool. Being busy means you are saying yes to too many things and not prioritising what’s important (which is this case, is your sexual happiness). Too busy for sex? Too tired? Putting your sexual happiness at the bottom of the to-do list? Stop. You need to put your sexual pleasure first. This may mean setting up a regular date night with your lover. Or setting aside time each week for self-pleasure. It may mean that it’s time to bite the bullet and sign up to Tinder. Whatever floats your boat, just so long as you stop using the ‘busy’ excuse and start prioritising your schedule around sex and intimacy. 

Prioritise Health & Fitness 

If you don’t feel happy (both physically and mentally), then you are less likely to be enjoying lots of quality sex. Start feeding your body healthy food, begin regular exercise, and take time out to make yourself feel good about who you are. This may be daunting for some (again, the use of the word ‘busy’ may be a common excuse as to why you’re not already doing this) as self-care is rarely taught in school or prioritised in the work place. The fact is, if your body and mind are healthy, your sexual appetite will increase, and your desire to feel and experience pleasure will come naturally (pardon the pun). 

Drink Sex Tea 

You heard right, there’s a tea on the market that’s specifically brewed to increase your libido, and I can’t recommend it enough! Sex Tea by Nude Tea (nudetea.com.au) is an organic tea that combines A-Grade Darjeeling tea with cinnamon, gingko biloba, aniseed, vanilla pods, and schizandra berry powder… the perfect brew for a steamy night with your lover. Take time out of your busy work schedule & sip your way to a better sex life. 

Published in the StartUp Creative Magazine, December 2015