Wild Nights {Book Review}

People spend most of their lives wanting more sex, better sex, deeper sex. Sex is probably the main reason that people don’t really open to God- typical sex, that is. The Great One is always present, alive as everything, as everyone. But people are contracting into sexual hope, into their ideas about sex, wanting more romance, more emotional connection, more passion. Most people never fuck in their lives. Not really. You know what I mean?

— David Deida, WILD NIGHTS

If I could recommend ANY book for 2014, it would be THIS ONE.  I love the way Deida artfully writes about fucking and spirituality all in the one sentence. He speaks of sex as a way of opening up to God, to the Great One.  I have always struggled with moulding both my love of fucking and my love of spiritual connection into the one sexual experience...this book empowered me to do just that.

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