Women On Top 023 : Halie Halloran

Women On Top is an interview series that features everyday women from around the globe and asks them straight-to-the-point questions about their sexuality. Women On Top aims to inspire and grow a community of women who learn and grow from each other's sexual stories and wisdom. This week I interviewed Halie about sexual fluidity, her new love affair with another beautiful woman, the amazing sex education her Mother shared with her, and her 30 day no clitoral stimulation journey.


Name: Halie Halloran

Age: 37

Sexual Orientation:

The question everyone wonders about or wants to ask ... my sexual orientation is open, I am sexual, I am attracted to both the masculine and feminine no matter what physical form a soul may be residing inside of. 


I have two businesses, The Little Fox Den - a nature based space for children aged 1 - 6yrs to re-wild, explore, play, create and unfold in. We are usually covered in mud laying back eating fruit while watching the clouds dance over us. 

The other is White Horse Lodge, a nature immersion based passion of Equine Assisted Learning, we have a herd of over 10 horses where we run various programs, treks and experiences around somatic awareness, boundaries, earth medicine and deep nature ecology – A space to loose your mind and come to your senses.

What was the message your mother gave you about sex as a little girl?

My mother gave me very open, colourful and beautiful messages around sex. My mum identifies as a lesbian and I would have to say not a big fan of men, well straight men. So I was bought up in the gay community and male role models were all pretty much gay or bi. 

I was the celebrated love child between all the rainbow infused friends – our family. 

So the message was clear, we are spiritual/sexual beings having a human experience and to follow my heart, senses and the scents of souls tell you more than words ever will. And to always remember we are rock apes with primal sexual needs.

Can you identify a moment when you feel you officially entered womanhood?

The first moment was when I made the conscious decision to make love and create another life, I was 18 years old, madly in love and knew with every part of my being I was ready to settle and step into the maternal journey. Giving birth was radically awesome, I had beautiful births and to go to those levels and journey through a birth staying centred was epic. I have 2 daughters that are now 19 and 16, raising them has shed many lights on the layers of womanhood!

The second official womanhood moment was only a few months ago. My life has been big, I have jammed a lot into my years and I was shocked when it happen as I ‘thought’ I was in my power as a woman.

It happen at a Dancing Eros ritual, I sat down in the arms of the closest being I have ever met to myself. Something happened to me that night and I will never be the same. I stepped through the doorway and let go of so much fodder ... I have emerged a wide open conscious sexual being ready to honour all my desires and needs. I’ve given a lot to others over the years and now it's time for me to really truly get raw, real and vulnerable with like minded souls.

How important do you believe it is to embrace your sexuality as a woman?

Embracing, unravelling and unleashing my sexuality as a woman is vital to my wellbeing. I have stored my sexuality and expression away for many years and now I am loving myself up, getting clarity on whom I wish to share myself with or not. I’m at my sexual peak so it's rather overwhelming at times. 

How important is self-pleasure to you?

Well I’m on day 14 of 30 days no external orgasm, so no clitoral stimulation – well not to allow the peak to rise too high. I have been enjoying self pleasure since I was quite young and as I have got older it has been a beautiful process of learning to make love to myself. But recently I realised how I had become focused on the release, the high like a drug. Now I am committed to the process and the inner connection of self pleasure and internal orgasm. I love making love to myself, especially in a hot candle lit bath! (um I am just doing a final read over and it's now a week after I write the above, I got to day 18 and was swept off my feet in the throws of passion and orgasmed FYI)

What are three things you love about your body (that perhaps you've struggled with in the past)?

Skin – I love my skin, very grateful for my shell! I love my tiger stripes on my tummy and breasts from my body expanding during pregnancy. I love the age/wisdom lines beginning around my eyes.

Eyes – I have been eye gazing for a while now and the space you go to is other worldly, I especially love doing it in the mirror. I have fallen in love my big green wide awake eyes over the past few months.

Hips/pelvis – I love when I look down whilst laying on my side at my hips and pelvis area, I find it such a sexy feminine shape and love running my fingers over this area. When I dance I have so much energy and movement down in the cauldron.

What are three things you look for in a lover?

Consciousness – I have really come into sacred love making/connection and it is vital for me to open to an awake de-armoured conscious being. To be met and seen while making love nothing else compares.

Adventurous –  I spend a lot of time outdoors and I so enjoy making love in the wilds, ocean, mossy rocks, covered in earth, places that push the limits. So my lovers need to ready for some adventurous experiences in wild spaces.

Balanced feminine/masculine – I need lovers who have a solid and committed relationship with them selves, and that means carrying the feminine and masculine and the ability to dance with that whilst making love and holding a conversation.

I have to add a forth – DANCE! Movement flowing through your bones from music needs to be in abundance!

What inspires you to make love and enjoy sex (either alone, or with a partner)? Do you feel more inclined to enjoy sex at certain times of the day/month/year?

I have a super high sex drive/interest. I love to make love with myself, others and could happily play for breakfast lunch and tea with snacks in between! I’m like a lioness that has just been freed from a cage when I'm ovulating and a wild seductress when I’m bleeding. I practice orgasm free periods at various times but I still play during this time.

Do you have any particular women in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered woman?

I’m surrounded by amazing sexually empowered women, but just recently I have met a woman who is so incredibly gorgeous and inspiring it is taking me to new depths to be sharing space and sexual alchemy together. I feel like I am finally able to be met and go to all those places inside I had locked away.

And women like you Juliet, Zoe, all the Eros women, my mother, my girlfriends and all women who are committed and know how to truly love themselves. Authors like Naomi Wolf and thanks to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, for unleashing all the women to run with the wolves.

Do you have any reoccuring sexual fantasies? Tell us more:

Oh gosh, I have many…but the main ones involve 3 beings letting go in all ways, role playing, making short erotic films/photographs, being dominated, think Clan of the Cave Bear – furs, bones, caves, leather and fire and call me Ayla!

What rituals do you have for self-care and self-love?

Every morning I light a few candles, burn incense, holy wood and take a moment of gratitude. I go for long morning walks with my dog, dance a lot, take long hot baths when ever possible, hanging out with our herd of horses falling asleep with them in the paperbarks while the wind blows over us feeds me. Oh and I swim in a tea tree lake at least 3 times a week and make as much love as I can!

How can people connect with you? 

Insta – white_horse_lodge


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