Women On Top 005: Sally Mustang

Women On Top is an interview series that features everyday women from around the globe and asks them straight-to-the-point questions about their sexuality. Women On Top aims to inspire and grow a community of women who learn and grow from each other's sexual stories and wisdom. This week I spoke to Sally about her rituals for self-love, her mother's influence on her view of sex, her relationship with her partner Mitch Gobel and her love of essential oils and swimming in the sea.


 Name: Sally Mustang

Age: 26

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Occupation: Artist, Yoga Teacher, Writer & Model

What was the message your mother gave you about sex as a little girl?

I was always encouraged to believe that sex was Love. My parents are super happy together still and have a really healthy relationship. It's inspiring.

Can you identify a moment when you feel you officially entered womanhood?

I grew up really early, I remember having my first sexual partner at the age of 14, but at that age I was just curious and experimenting. I don’t think I felt like a woman, or that in touch with my body until a few years later... 18 – 19 years old. 

How important do you believe it is to embrace your sexuality as a woman?

Super important. To be confident in whom you are and get to know yourself on every level is really essential to me. Being comfortable sexually comes across as fierce, strong and inspiring. 

How important is self-pleasure to you?

Pleasure, for me can be a range of different things. I take time every day to make myself feel good. This can be sexual pleasure, sensual pleasure ( self massage, essential oils, a bath etc), dressing well, moving my body, swimming in the sea... Its all pleasure and it all plays a vital role in ensuring I can be the best possible version of myself.

What are three things you love about your body (that perhaps you've struggled with in the past)?

I love my hips, I think because for me and most women, it’s a real feminine part of the body, the hips are quiet sacred and sexy. 

I love my ribcage, and for a while I used to be a little sensitive of how much they poke out, but know for me they represent years of hard work, discipline and patience from yoga.

I love my legs, they are the strongest area of my body and they connect me to this earth. I often go trekking for days, and I always become so grateful for the places my legs can take me.

What are three things you look for in a lover?

I am attracted to someone creative, someone who knows them self well. Also confidence is my biggest turn on.

What inspires you to make love and enjoy sex (either alone, or with a partner)? Do you feel more inclined to enjoy sex at certain times of the day/month/year? 

Mmm I think when I feel good about myself I am more inspired to enjoy sex. So after a run, or yoga. Breakfast time is a sexy time of day for me and summer is always a special time for sex.

Do you have any particular women in your life who inspire you to be a sexually empowered woman?

Sure, anyone really that I meet or know that is healthy and happy. My partner Mitch Gobel is always encouraging me to feel and be as sexual as I like.

Do you have any reoccurring sexual fantasies? 

Haha, I get asked this a lot. I try to be in the moment as much as possible, but sex outdoors is always something I enjoy and think about. Sometimes I guess my mind wanders to a goddess like scene with me and several lovers servicing me. In general I just fantasise about feeling sexy and being desired. 

What rituals do you have for self-care and self-love?

Lots, I self massage and use essential oils every day. I journal about my sex life, and let my partner read it afterwards, and in turn my partner then shares his journals with me. We also do date night once a week, which is a day or night dedicated to pleasuring each other, sexually, mentally etc.

I exercise everyday, I meditate and I eat mostly plant based meals . I think feeling good is all about being healthy in body, mind and soul.

Find Sally at www.sallymustang.com

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