Juliet Allen has the gift of an innate understanding of modern female sexuality. A new generation of women has been long seeking a leader who speaks our language on the subject of desire and sexual gratification. We should look no further than this woman, who is not only in touch with our needs, but exudes the very essence of what it is to be a sexual woman in this day and age.
— Zoe Hermans
After just one coaching session with Juliet my sex life with my girlfriend changed ... f*cking mind-blowing sex is an understatement! Thank you for everything, Juliet, you are incredible!
— Violet

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I gave my partner a couples Tantra coaching session with Juliet as a birthday present — needless to say he was pretty thrilled. We learned so much in our time with Juliet — from theory, to practice, to new ways of thinking about and exploring sex together. What we loved most about Juliet was her authentic and honest approach to all things sex. It’s a topic we so often feel intimated to bring up, but shining a light on this space can produce some real magic. We put Juliet’s wisdom into practise when we got home and I can honestly say I had the best orgasm of my life … so I guess it really was a present for both of us.
— Anonymous

Before using The Juliet Rose Quartz pleasure wand I felt numb in my vagina and my clit. I’d been using vibrators for years and my orgasms were, quite frankly, disappointing. Juliet recommended I chuck out my vibrators and get a wand, so I did. Since using my wand for self-pleasure I have been experiencing different types of orgasms and a deeper connection to my pussy than I ever thought possible. I honestly wish I’d known about the power of these crystals years ago! Last week I had my first g-spot orgasm and I’m still blown away by how amazing it left me feeling. Thank you, Juliet, for empowering me over the past few months, you’ve seriously changed my life and my partner and I are reaping the benefits.
— Laila

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