It’s time to re-think everything you thought you knew about Tantra. In her second book and workbook, Sexologist and Tantra practitioner, Juliet Allen, shows us how to live the ancient art of Tantra in modern times, and gives us tools to maximise pleasure and experience orgasmic states. Every. Single. Day. 


If you’re in a loving relationship or flying solo, this book will show you how to float through life on a cloud of sexual satisfaction.

In the Ecstatic Sex and Deep Intimacy eBook, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Incorporate the magic of Tantra into your day-to-day life

  • Get the spark back into your relationship 

  • Breathe to heighten feeling and strengthen your orgasms 

  • Increase pleasure during sex and you every day life

  • Move through life with creativity and authentic awareness 

  • Release your emotions through a daily practice that will empower you to be who you truly are 

  • Feel sexually empowered every single day

Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy is the reminder you needed: the true nature of human beings is being sexual.


Take your Tantric journey to the next level with the Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy Workbook. 

 To really instil new wisdom and make lasting changes in your life, you need to practice until it becomes second nature. The Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy Workbook helps you do just that with Juliet’s Tantric lessons — it’s overflowing with exercises, rituals, tools and challenges to cement the magic of Tantra into your life.  


Delve into this powerful Workbook and you’ll discover: 

  • A 10-day self-pleasure challenge

  • Exercises to pinpoint areas in your life you desire to change

  • A breath, sound & movement ritual

  • The steps to connect with your three Tantric centres

  • An evocative sex magic ritual 

  • Tools to release your emotions that are keeping you stuck from moving forward

  • An erotic couples massage ritual

  • Traditional Tantric breathing techniques

  • How to release blocked sexual energy 

  • An eye gazing ritual for couples

  • How to create your own sacred space, and a magical daily cleansing ritual 

  • Plus much more!


So, what’s inside the Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy eBook?

Chapter 1 - Living A Tantric Life

1.1 What is Tantra?

1.2 Embodying the Masculine & Feminine

1.3 Our Three Energy Centres

1.4 Self-Expression

1.5 Releasing Emotion

Chapter 2 - Tantric Sex With Self

2.1 Creating A Sacred Space

2.2 Cultivating a Healthy Relationship Within & Facing Our Shit

2.3 Breathing & Accessing Sexual Energy

2.4 Self-Pleasure

2.5 Ecstatic Orgasm

Chapter 3 - Tantric Sex With Others

3.1 The Eyes

3.2 Tantric Couples Massage

3.3 Polarity in love-making

3.4 Letting Go Of Goal-Oriented Sex

3.5 Touch Using The 5 Elements



I’m super excited to learn more about ecstatic sex and Tantra, but my partner isn’t interested at all. Should I still get the book and workbook?

Yes! If you’re feeling the pull to learn more then go for it! Once you begin implementing the teachings in the book your partner will notice and without a doubt your relationship and sex will transform. Plus the second chapter of the book is ALL about Tantric sex with self … no partner needed!

Is this book inclusive of same-sex couples, or people who identify as LGBTIQ?

Yes, most definitely! I always use inclusive language and all the exercises in the workbook are for people of all sexual orientations. 

What if I’m not in a relationship, can I still practice Tantra?

Yes! Tantra is for everyone! And our relationship with our own sexuality and sensuality must be strong if we eventually want to enjoy amazing sex with others! Reading this book whilst single is perfect because it will give you the confidence within to practice Tantra with yourself and you'll naturally feel more confident as a sexual being. This is the ideal companion for anyone who wants more ecstatic sex and deeper intimacy with themselves. 

Can I practice Tantra if I’m single and enjoying casual sex?

Yes! Take your casual sex to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of ecstasy with the teachings in this book and workbook. And the best news, your casual sex partners will definitely reap the benefits and notice a change in the sex if you implement everything that I mention in the book.

Will this book save my marriage?

Possibly. But there’s no guarantees. Every relationship is unique, there’s no magic formula to fix a broken marriage. What I can guarantee is that you will learn a lot and it will open your mind to new ways of relating together. On a personal note, Tantra completely transformed my long-term relationship that was struggling, so I do recommend these teachings to couples who are experiencing challenges.

I just want better sex, is this just another confusing book about Tantra with weird airy fairy jargon?

I can say with all confidence that this isn’t another Tantra book that will confuse you with weird jargon. It’s simple, straight-to-the-point, and written for people who want to learn the basics of Tantra, and implement it into their lives today! I’ve read a few books on Tantra that leave me feeling confused, but this definitely isn't one of them!

Is the book and workbook available in hard copy?

No, at this stage they’re only available as a downloadable pdf. If you’re like me and enjoy reading a hard copy, I recommend printing out the entire book and workbook and getting them bound.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

Refunds are not offered on these digital products. Sorry!



“There’s no other way to describe Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy than a sweet little treat to yourself. Not only is it easy-to-follow, it offers simple ways you can instantly improve your sex life AND the very important relationship you have with yourself. Combining straight forward elements of tantra and sexology, anyone who is curious about new forms of pleasure is sure to appreciate ... it’ll only leave you wanting more.”

— Kate, MTV

“Whether you’re into tantra or not, it doesn’t matter, this is a must-read for all! I powered through the book in just a couple of days with a thirst to learn more. EVERYBODY should know this stuff … male, female, single, in a relationship … Juliet gives you the tools and techniques to have more fulfilling and deeper relationships with yourself and others, while cultivating greater self-awareness and honouring your true essence. This is a great introduction into a Tantric lifestyle, it’s a manual I know I will go back to for guidance.”

— Charlotte, Business Manager

“This inspiring book is overflowing with transformational ways to enrich your life, relationships and careers. I don’t know what I would do without the empowering energy of Tantra and Juliet’s wisdom in my life. It’s a must read!”

— Rose, Life Coach

“The concept of ‘living a tantric life’ initially seemed unfamiliar and unachievable to me, but Juliet presented it in such a way that it is now totally accessible and exciting. The connection she creates between ancient teachings, modern life and sexology makes her eBook a down-to-earth entry into understanding and pursuing tantra, self-discovery and sexual empowerment. Juliet gives us tangible ways to pursue our shadows and an opportunity to explore parts of ourselves we may be completely out of touch with, or not even know exist. I really enjoyed reading Ecstatic Sex and Deep Intimacy and recommend it to anyone who is interested in living life to their full potential.”

— Aimee, Mother & Entrepreneur

“I loved Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy. I couldn’t put it down - I read it from front to back in one sitting. It’s a fun, powerful, user-friendly guide to Tantra.”

— Emma, Yoga Teacher

“Juliet’s new eBook is an easy and practical guide about the mystery of Tantra. Since reading Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy I have learnt how to introduce the magic of Tantra in every aspect of my life. I now feel more more able to manage stress in my day-to-day life, more confident when solving conflict with my loved ones, and way more comfortable spending quality time alone with myself and my sexual desires.”

— Kaylene, Startup Creative Magazine

“Juliet unfolds and deepens what has for so long been a taboo subject. She teaches the practice of sex and intimacy in a simple and practical way that demystifies it and brings the concept of sexual energy into all areas of life. I love how Juliet takes something that can be confusing and painful and transforms it into something so empowering. The teachings throughout this book have changed my life; bringing power, passion, purpose and expression back to my being. This book radically changed my relationship to sex.”

— Brad, Counsellor & Parent

“Loving, engaging and seductive. This exploration of the ancient wisdom of Tantra in the modern world sets a chasm between what we know, and what we thought we knew. It illuminates ideas of the masculine and feminine, how to use the elements in sex and Tantra with the self. Deep in each page are the answers required to assist in releasing emotion and achieving sexual liberation. After reading it, I can’t stop thinking about it…”

— Madeleine, Freelance Writer

“Juliet has taken ‘Tantra seems to hard to implement into my life’ to ‘Hey, I can  easily be a tantric woman!’. The way the eBook and workbook weave together makes it so doable in such a rich and experiential way. Beautiful, I loved it!”

— Tabitha, Acupuncturist & Mother

“Juliet’s eBook Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy introduces you to the incredible way of life that is TANTRA and how you can easily start to let the practice slip into your daily existence through some simple and damn sexy steps. Beautifully written, designed and laid out, if reading this book doesn’t make you want to grab your partner / lover / babe at the bar / or yourself to test out these tantalising tips ... then I don’t know what will. Deep breaths, skin tingles & excitement. 10/10!”

— Sarah, The Whole Creative