Fantasy File #01

Fantasy Files is a joint collaboration between Sexologist Juliet Allen and artist Tina Maria Elena. The project combines sexual fantasy, writing and art. Seven fantasies will be revealed over seven days, all written and submitted by real-life women from around the globe. The Fantasy Files project aims to empower women and men to embrace their sexual fantasy and desire and enjoy their sexuality in all it's senses.

Artist // TIna Maria Elena Bak

Artist // TIna Maria Elena Bak

I walk into the party and see you across the room. Our eyes meet, I feel my pussy between my thighs … wet. I know in that moment that I want to fuck you, and fuck you hard. I take a deep breath and begin dancing … slowly at first, moving my hips to the music … closing my eyes and feeling my cunt. 

I can feel you watching me from across the room and this turns me on. I lose myself in the music and connect in with my body, feeling into what it would be like to have you inside me, feeling the weight of your body on top of me, behind me, underneath me. 

Without warning you appear behind me, your presence alone makes me wet, my pussy is yearning for your touch. I turn around, our eyes connect and I can feel the energy in my body rise up through my sex centre, opening my heart up to your cock energy. No words are needed, we both know what is about to unfold.

We dance. You begin kissing my neck, my dress slips down and you are kissing my breasts. I feel myself completely surrendering to your touch and nothing else matters in this moment. It’s just you and I now.

Your lips meet mine and you taste sweet … you taste like sex and my pussy is throbbing. I feel your hard cock up against my thigh and imagine taking you in my mouth. Tasting your sex.

We move outside. It’s cold, the moon is high in the sky and the air is fresh. We lay down on the ground and you kiss me deeply, pushing your tongue into my mouth, I feel the weight of your body on mine. 

Your cock is hard, my pussy is dripping wet and without notice you pull my underwear aside and you fingers begin fucking me hard and fast and with force. I cum, loudly. 

It’s time for me to fuck you now. I sit on top of you, your cock is rubbing up against my cunt, I begin slowly moving my hips, teasing you with my eyes and my breasts. This ecstasy I feel, it moves through my entire body and everything falls away. It’s just you and I now.

I take your cock and slide it into me, all the while keeping contact with your eyes. My hand is on your throat, tight. I fuck you slowly at first, then deeply. Your cock feels so fucking good. We fuck for what feels like hours.

You cum. I cum. We hold each other, tight. And then we return to the party. 

Author // Anonymous

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