Fantasy File #04

Fantasy Files is a joint collaboration between Sexologist Juliet Allen and artist Tina Maria Elena. The project combines sexual fantasy, writing and art. Seven fantasies will be revealed over seven days, all written and submitted by real-life women from around the globe. The Fantasy Files project aims to empower women and men to embrace their sexual fantasy and desire and enjoy their sexuality in all it's senses.

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak


While driving to his house I can feel the wet ache between my thighs. I arrive, he greets me at the door, holds my face in his hands and kisses me deeply, his tongue is forceful and strong. He tastes sweet.

I walk inside, feeling his eyes on me from behind … I’m turned on knowing he is watching my ass move under my dress … my nipples are hard … my breath sharpens … I want him to take me here and now.

Not one word is spoken. He lifts me up onto the kitchen bench and opens my legs. His hands are strong and forceful, a strength that makes me wet. The way he handles me shows me he’s confident, he’s done this before … his strength gives me permission to surrender, knowing he’s got me I completely let go.

His hands spread my legs wide, the cold kitchen bench is up against my cunt, I feel his tongue on my thighs, he teases me with his kisses, avoiding my pussy until I beg him to kiss me and taste my cum. Instead he kisses me on my neck and mouth, making me wait.

He moves toward my thighs again and slowly begins licking and teasing my ass, tasting all of me, not sparing anything. I feel turned on knowing he is licking my ass, swallowing every little piece of me until finally he begins circling his tongue around my clit, pushing his way inside my pussy forcefully with his tongue. 

Next he begins fucking me hard with his fingers until my cum is spilling out onto the kitchen bench. He brings his lips up to my mouth and I taste my ass and pussy on him. I lick it all up.

While kissing me deeply he lifts me effortlessly and carries me into the bedroom. I stand at the end of his bed while he undresses me. He turns me around, stands behind me and forcefully bends me over the bed. I’m begging for his cock now. My lips are wet, I’m moaning and begging for him to get his cock out and fuck me. He tells me to shut up and be quiet. 

I can’t see him, but I can hear him taking his clothes off. I can sense he has his hand on his cock, stroking it while he looks at my ass. I know what’s coming and I feel a deep yearning in me to let go and allow him to take me how he wants.

He stands behind me and spits onto my ass. I hear it and feel it and it turns me on. I’m moaning loudly now, a deep moan that allows me to drop into my wild depths … the wild deep sexual yearning within me to take him and feel his full depth within my body and my cunt.

Slowly I feel him entering my ass. Slowly. At first it takes me by surprise and I lose me breath. But then I feel my whole body melt as he carefully enters me. I feel myself surrendering into him, inviting him into me … my body goes limp, I’m ready for him to go deeper. I’m ready to surrender to the depth of his cock and the depth of my vulnerability and trust. 

He feels my surrender, takes his hands and places them tightly around my hips. He’s got me. I’m ready for him to fuck me harder and deeper as I ride the waves of deep anal ecstasy. It’s here that I feel fully surrendered to this man and fully embodied in my pleasure. Fuck yes to him, to his cock and to my ass and my sex and my cunt.

Author // Anonymous

Artist //

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