Fantasy File #06

Fantasy Files is a joint collaboration between Sexologist Juliet Allen and artist Tina Maria Elena. The project combines sexual fantasy, writing and art. Seven fantasies will be revealed over seven days, all written and submitted by real-life women from around the globe. The Fantasy Files project aims to empower women and men to embrace their sexual fantasy and desire and enjoy their sexuality in all it's senses.

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak

She sits on the stairs in a silent house. The sunlight is coming in in shafts from the landing windows and dust motes drift through the golden flow of light.

She’s in a sun dress, white with scattered yellow flowers, tiny green buds, his favourite. The strap on one shoulder has slipped down and hangs, suspended on her arm. It’s probably the motion that has knocked it loose … her arm moves to the rhythm of her hand, slipped under her skirt, the fingers dipping in and out of her pussy.

There’s a call from below, breaking the hush. He’s hunting for something … draws are opened and closed, cutlery rattles, and then there are footsteps as he walks across the hallway, looking for her. His face is framed for a question, his mouth open and beginning to form words, ‘Do you know where…’ but they fall away, and the room becomes quiet again, as he sees her.

She gasps, closes her eyes, concentrates on the wetness between her fingertips, the way they slide across her clit and the weight of his watching eyes. The stairs creak as he kneels, coming closer, his eyes feasting on her body and the way the light falls across it. He slips a finger under the other strap of her dress and it slips down to her waist.

He runs his finger across her collarbone, and down her chest, pausing at a tight taut nipple before moving down her belly and into the folds of her dress. His hand joins hers and he moans when he feels the warm wet mess she’s making.

Suddenly he stands, and there’s a rush of motion as the buttons on his shirt are hurriedly undone and she hears the clink of his belt buckle as it hits the wooden stairs. Then his body meets hers, pressing warm skin against warm skin. She leans back, further and further until the sharp wooden edges of the stair cuts into her shoulders and the small of her back. His body is warm and his cock is hard, and when it presses into her, the pleasure of his body and the pain of the stairs closes off her thoughts and she is all body, no mind. They rock together, their bodies pushing against one another until she is calling out and the silent house is filled with sound. At last, they are both silent again, warm and wet and lying together on the stairs.

Author // Laura, Aoerotica

Artist //

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