How To Feel Sexy Everyday


It’s not always easy to feel sexy everyday. ‘Life’ seems to get in the way and we are dealt with knock-downs; work stress, sleepless nights with kids, death of loved ones, relationship breakdowns, awkward sexual experiences… the list goes on. When life feels hard, feeling sexy doesn’t come naturally. Unfortunately though, the only person who can help you out of the unsexy rut is you. It’s time to take control back and take action so that you can tap into that sexy someone who lives inside you.

Redefine Sexy

When do you feel your sexiest? In the media sexy always seems to be about measurements and physical appearances, but it’s SO MUCH MORE than that. Sexy can be as simple as feeling confident, radiant and present with those around you. What does sexy mean for you? Get clear on your definition of sexy and then find ways to feel that way.

Ask For What You Want

There’s nothing sexier than someone who knows what they want (and is able to vocalise that). Don’t water your desires down; own them, ask for them and more often than not you’ll get what you want from your lovers. Being sexy is about knowing who you are and what turns you on (in life and love)… and then following those desires mercilessly.

Wear Amazing Underwear

I don’t care if you don’t have a partner, wear amazing underwear and turn yourself on. Feeling sexy starts with how you take care of your body and mind. For me, taking care of my body means I indulge in underwear that makes me feel sexy. If you’re a culprit of the ‘but I love my comfy cottons’, I suggest you go home tonight and chuck them all out, then head to the shops and invest in something sexy. I guarantee you’ll feel sexier (and your partner will love it too).

Published in the Gold Coast Bulletin August, 2015

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