Adults Need Sex Ed Too


Adults need sex education too, and in my opinion, we’re simply not getting enough. As children we experience a floored education system that doesn’t teach us anything about the complexities of sex and intimacy. We enter adulthood clueless, literally feeling our way through the ins and outs of sexual relationships. As a result, many of us assume that great sex should just magically ‘happen’, and when it doesn’t, we up and leave the relationship, or begin looking for sex outside of the relationship. I believe neither of these options are always the right solution and that couples and singles need to continually educate themselves about sex throughout their lifetime.

Why is adult sex education so important? It’s important because every individual is different, and we all experience sex in different ways, shapes and forms. Take masturbation for instance - some of us have been masturbating effortlessly since childhood (which by the way, is completely normal and natural), and some of us have never masturbated in our entire lifetime. This is where education comes in… there are plenty of amazing books and blogs that simply educate and inspire people to enjoy self-pleasure, and take control of their own orgasm. In my upcoming women’s-only educative event I talk about the importance of masturbation and encourage women to discover their own pleasure spots, without having to rely on their partner to reach orgasm. This is often an empowering revelation for women, and allows them to move forward and experience sex in a completely different way.

When it comes to couples sex, education and awareness plays a big role in the success of the sexual relationship. Life is complicated and relationships have their ups and downs, which leads to sex having it’s ups and downs too. If a couple commits to attending educative workshops, reading relevant books, seeing a sex therapist or finding a relevant educative blog to read, all this will contribute to the couple best understanding their own sexual patterns, and that of their partner. Having a greater insight into each others sexuality, and opening up communication about sex, will lead to more couples experiencing pleasurable and plentiful sex.

This article was published in Juliet's regular Saturday column in the Gold Coast Bulletin 4th April 2015

Juliet Allen