5 Magical Ways Lubricant Can Transform Your Sex Life


Let’s talk about lube, because let’s be honest, it’s not spoken about enough and often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Lubricant is, by far, the most handy and transformational tool that you can have in your sexual ‘toolbox’, so to speak. Why? Because it makes sex even more pleasurable and let’s be frank, there’s nothing sexier than a super wet pussy.

In today’s media there’s always so much emphasis placed on ecstatic orgasm, mind-blowing sex toys, crazy love-making positions and ways to pleasure our lovers that will drive them crazy … and that’s all well and good, but why isn’t lube being getting the wrap it deserves as a handy accompaniment to all these wild sexual practices? 

Well, it seems it’s assumed that every woman just ‘lubes up’ easy peasy and all-of-a-sudden we are slip slidin’ and ready to go. Reality is, it takes women time (and authentic connection with their lover) to get wet, plus some of us just don’t get as wet as others, and that’s completely normal and okay too.

So, with that said, here’s 5 magical ways lube can transform your sex life:

Lube is great for pussy massage

There’s nothing more sensual and loving than a pussy massage prior to sex. And when you have a good natural lubricant it can double up as massage oil. Mmmmmmmmm … allow your lover to massage your inner thighs, slowly making their way to your pussy … once the massage is complete you’ll be ready to take your lover however you like and your lubed up pussy will love you for it. For massage I recommend 100% coconut oil, check out Private lube.

Lube helps condoms feel smoother

I’m going to state the obvious right here, right now; not all of us LOVE using condoms, right? Yes, they are essential … but hell, sometimes they are downright annoying and sex feels so much sexier without them. So, how do we make sex with condoms super dooper pleasurable and easy all the time? Well, we add plenty of lubricant. Lubricant helps condoms feel smoother and more comfortable, plus men report that it helps them maintain an erection longer. Yes please! Note: Water based lubricant is generally recommended for use with condoms.

Lube is an essential ingredient for anal sex

If anal sex is your thing, or you’re open to the idea of trying it one day, lubricant is going to be your best friend. The anus doesn’t lube up naturally, so it’s essential you use extra lube to make anal sex a pleasurable and fun experience for both of you. Load it on there, there’s never too much when it comes to lube and anal.

Lube is amazing for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is common (I can hear a sigh of relief from some of you). Reality is, women lubricate at different rates and sexual responsiveness is highly individualised. Note: wetness is not always an indication of arousal or a persons ability to respond sexually.  

There are many causes for vaginal dryness, some of the common ones being: pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and women simply not feeling safe enough and relaxed enough to let go. Plus the most obvious reason a woman isn’t lubing up is because her partner just isn’t giving foreplay the time and love it deserves … so her pussy just isn’t ready yet (hint: take your time and warm up your woman. Be present with her, truly present. Make her yearn for you instead of rushing into sex).

Lube helps prevent soreness and burn out during sex marathons

You know those sex marathons that just keep going and going? The ones where you know you may have overdone it, but it just feels so DAMN good that you’re like ‘let’s do it one more time’? Yeah well, lubricant is going to be your best friend when you’re in the mood for a sex marathon. Lube will protect you from feeling sore the next day and will keep your pussy/cock all smooth and silky for hours on end.

This article was originally published on THIS STAYS PRIVATE