Day One - Sacred Space

Artist // @minzo.king

Artist // @minzo.king

Home is defined as different things for different people. I like to think of our physical home as a sacred space; a space where we gather to feel grounded, connected and safe. A space where we are able to connect deeply - first with ourselves, and then with friends, family and lovers. Home is often where we spend the most time enjoying intimacy and sex.

Through life experience, and working with many clients, I know that when our home feels sacred, we are able to enjoy better quality sex, more frequently. I put this down to the fact that messy households = messy minds, clear households = clear minds. Fact is, if we live in a home full of physical and energetic clutter, we often feel the same way on the inside (which eventually leads to a lack of libido). On the other hand, if we live in a simple, clutter-free home that is energetically cleansed daily, we are likely to feel more clearer and freer as a human. And humans who feel clarity, freedom and joy are often enjoying healthier and happier sex lives.

What if I live with my parents and don’t have control over the entire home? What if my four children make it hard to keep the house tidy? What if I live in a caravan that has limited space, hence feels cluttered? What if my partner is messy and doesn’t value cleanliness? What if, what if?! All of these questions are valid, but rest assured that no matter what your circumstance, you have the power to create a beautiful sacred space that is ALL YOURS.

Day One - Audio

Day One - Journaling

*It is recommended that before commencing this course, you gift yourself a new journal!

What is my intention for completing this course? What do I want to get out of it?

How do I want to feel on day seven of the course?

What blockages do I have that may get in the way of me completing the course?

Is there a friend, family member, or lover who may also like to complete the course with me? Doing it together is fun and means that you will have someone holding you accountable to completing the journaling and homework!

On a scale of 1 - 10, how sacred does my home feel?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is one thing I can do TODAY to make my home/sacred space feel closer to a 10/10? (Ideas: clean, declutter, rearrange furniture, remove old furniture, cleanse using sage and palo santo, play nice music, chuck out the flatmate, move house)

Are there any blocks/limitations that stop me from creating a beautiful space in my home to enjoy self-pleasure and sex with myself and my partner/lovers?

If it feels too overwhelming to declutter and clean out my entire home, which room can I choose RIGHT NOW  to designate as my ‘sacred space’? (I recommend choosing your bedroom!)

Day One - Homework

1. Declutter your chosen sacred space. This may be your entire home, just your bedroom, or perhaps a special room in the house that you want to dedicate to self love and sex (i.e. the bedroom). Choose a space, and begin physically cleaning out any clutter. Begin TODAY and do your very best to make that space feeling beautiful!

Hot tips: Be ruthless. Throw out (I recommend donating all items to a local charity store) old clothes, old pictures on the wall, old furniture, old kids toys, old pantry items, old sex toys … anything that you haven’t used in the last 3 months, plus any items that are carrying old memories and old energy that you want to get rid of (eg. stuff your ex gave you).

2. Use a stick of Palo Santo or Sage to cleanse your sacred space. Open windows and doors to first allow troublesome spirits to leave with the clearing smoke. Light the Palo Santo or Sage, blow out the flame and allow to smoulder, moving slowly through the home & bedroom. To extinguish the Palo Santo and Sage, push into a heatproof dish of salt, sand, or soil until completely out.

* Never leave unattended whilst cleansing. Cleanse the space daily or weekly from now on.

** You can purchase Sage or Palo Santo at your local health food store or online.

3. Communicate with the people you live with - partner, husband, wife, kids, flatmates, family - that from now on you want to live in a place that is free of clutter and feels magical. Tell them why it’s important that you create and live in a sacred space. Communication is essential if you live with other people! Hint: if you are living with your partner, tell them that you want to create a space that feels amazing to enjoy more sex in … seriously, who would say no to that?!

Now I know that the topic of our home isn’t typically spoken about in relation to great sex, but trust me, this is a key foundation to creating a beautiful life and environment that will allow you to relax and open the doorways to more intimacy, love and sexual magic!

Travelling lots? I get it, I’ve spent many months travelling without a place to call home. If this is the case, I recommend that you take some precious items with you on your travels and set up a mini altar in your hotel rooms/gypsy spaces. Take incense, a candle, a photo of family, a crystal … items that remind you of feeling homely and grounded. Make a special corner of every room your sacred space.

Day One - Recommended Podcast Listening

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