Day Three - Inner Union

Artist // @ineslongevial

Artist // @ineslongevial

Inner Union is the relationship that we have with ourselves - the stronger our inner union, the happier we feel and more WHOLE we feel as an individual. And the stronger the inner union is between our own inner masculine and feminine energy, the happier we feel (more on masculine and feminine in the audio below).

When we feel happy WITHIN, we often feel more inclined to want to share that happiness with others, intimately and sexually! And when we feel WHOLE within, we no longer rely on anyone else to fill up our own cup. This doesn’t mean you don’t need or want to be in a romantic relationship, what it means is that when you do enter into a relationship you enter in as a WHOLE BEING, rather than a being who is codependent on your partner/s to provide happiness. Two (or more) WHOLE beings entering into a committed relationship equals a powerful, passionate and often long-lasting sacred union.

The other perk of feeling WHOLE is that we are more inclined to enjoy self-pleasure/masturbation - also known as sex with ourselves. Self-pleasure is vital if we are to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life with others. Why? Well, when we explore our own pleasure and our own body, we know what turns us on, and we are able to make love to ourselves in a way that we would like our partner to make love to us. This is a powerful and healing aspect of a healthy inner union, not to mention an attractive quality in an individual.

So, how do we achieve the elusive ‘Inner Union’? Well, it’s definitely not a quick journey, in fact it can literally take years to feel the magical feeling of WHOLENESS within (and even then, it’s a lifelong quest that requires ongoing self work and curiosity). But never fear, you can begin exploring your own inner union TODAY. After all, there’s no better time than NOW to fall in love with yourself.

If you’re already well on your way to inner union, or if you feel you’re already feeling WHOLE, then you need to congratulate yourself! Fuck yes, you did the work!! But hey, there’s always room for deepening and exploring yourself more, right?! I encourage you to continue your journey by listening to this week’s audio and taking time out to complete the journaling questions and homework below - because as you know, this inner union journey is forever changing and evolving with life and the challenges it throws at us.

Day Three - Audio

Day Three - Journaling Questions

On a scale of 1 - 10, how close do I feel to achieving a feeling of WHOLENESS as an individual?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is one thing I can do TODAY that will allow me to feel closer to a 10/10 about my own Inner Union?

Do I rely on my partner, friends, family and lovers to make me feel whole? YES/NO

If you answered YES to the question above, I want you to reflect on how you can feel whole without having to rely on others all the time?

Do I have a friend/family member who seems to have a healthy inner union? Or do I know of someone I admire who does? If so, write down the qualities that you love about that person (eg. confident, authentic, graceful, loving, assertive etc).

How do I want to feel on a daily basis about ME? (eg. I want to feel empowered, I want to feel happy when I’m alone, I want to desire myself).

Day Three - Homework

1. Write down 3 - 5 words that describe how you want to feel about yourself every single day. Put up this piece of paper on your bathroom mirror and read the words every day (eg. empowered, confident, sexy, turned on, feminine, magic etc).

2. Print out this chart with the masculine/feminine traits on it. Put it up on your mirror,  noticing which quadrant you sit in each morning. Aim to spend more and more time in the healthy masculine and feminine. You can read more about the masculine/feminine dynamics in my eBook, or contact me about a 1:1 coaching session.

3. Have a conversation with your friend or lover about how committed you are to your own inner union. Share how you want to feel within, and what changes you are going to make to feel that way (eg. I am going to take myself on a date once a week, I am going to commit to getting a massage every Wednesday, I am going to stop relying on you for happiness and commit to relying on myself to feel good, I am going to find a coach/mentor to help me on this journey).

4. Take yourself on a date this week.

5. Set aside time for self-pleasure at least once this week. Make love to yourself. And if you need a little inspiration, gift yourself The Juliet Pleasure Wand. This is the best gift you will give yourself, trust me.

Day Three - Recommended Reading

Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy - Juliet Allen

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Joe Dispenza

Orgasm Unleashed - Eyal Matsliah

The Desire Map - Danielle LaPorte

Day Three - Recommended Podcast Listening

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