3 Reasons Why Sex & Relationship Coaching Can Change Your Life


Sex & Relationship Coaching is my forté. I love working with singles and couples who are ready to take their sex & relationships to a whole new level. I coach both women and men, giving people the confidence and guidance that they need to live a life full of hot sex, powerful intimacy and fulfilling relationships.

As a sex & relationship coach I work with all sorts of people from all different walks of life; single women who want to know how to get more sex, women who feel shame and guilt around sex, men who want to please their partner more, couples who’ve lost their libido and want to know how to get it back…you name it, I’ve helped people with it. I absolutely love my job and love helping people transform their lives through coaching.

Here are five reasons why sex & relationship coaching is changing lives:

1. Coaching gives people an increased sense of confidence around sex and their sexuality

It’s normal and natural to feel a little uneasy and unconfident when it comes to sex…unfortunately sex education is limited and we are left to literally feel our way through sex. Education and awareness is crucial for a great sex life and this is where coaching is helpful. I help my clients break through what is holding them back from enjoying lots of sex and give them tricks and tips on how to increase confidence in the boudoir. 

2. Coaching gives people a place to vent and talk about their sex life and desires in a safe and non-judgemental space

Unfortunately sex is still somewhat of a taboo topic in the western world and this leads to judgement and ignorance when it comes to talking about sex. Often people come to me to unload all their sexual worries and this takes a weight off their shoulder and allows them to realise that what they are feeling is normal and okay. There’s nothing better than knowing you can speak to someone like me about all-things-sex and know it’s completely confidential and received without judgement or bias.

3. Coaching gives people (especially couples) new ideas for their sex life and a new-found passion for a healthy sex life

Low lidido is a common challenge that people come to me with. Often couples have mismatched libido’s and this causes pain, misunderstanding and conflict within their relationship. Another challenge is that couples feel bored and want to spice things up! I absolutely love working with people to reawaken their sex drive and help couples understand each other and communicate around sex more effectively. Reigniting a sexual relationship is perhaps the most life-changing result I see through sex and relationship coaching!