3 Types of Soulmates We Will Love In Our Lifetime

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies meet each other.
— Paulo Coelho

Most of us will meet many different types of soul mates throughout our lifetime. Every soul mate will have their own unique purpose in our life and we’ll share a different type of deep connection with them all.

A common myth about soulmates is that they are the person who we marry, have kids with, and spend the rest of our living days with ‘’til death do us part’. Personally I don’t think this is true…in fact throughout my life time I feel lucky enough to have connected with at least a handful of people who I consider I’ve considered to be my soulmate. 

Here are the 3 types of soulmates I’ve encountered (I imagine there are plenty more types to add to this list, but for today I’m sticking to just three):

Complete Stranger Soulmate

This is that person you meet for a brief moment and yet you feel like you’ve known them for eternity. Or perhaps you’re walking along a busy street, magically lock eyes with them, and feel a pang in your heart. This is the person who comes into your life for seconds, if you’re lucky enough minutes, and your souls collide, and your heart explodes. This is my favourite type of soulmate because the connection is so completely unexpected, yet so powerful.

The Lover/Partner Soulmate

These are the soulmates who come into our lives as a lover, and who we end up sharing intimate love-making and life events with. This person stays in your life for a period of time, perhaps years, and together you share a deep bond and respect for each other. Perhaps you come together to bring children into the world, perhaps you simply come together to make love and explore the values of a relationship. These people are never forgotten and often become life partners.

The Friendship Soulmate

This is the person we meet and just seem to click with from the moment we start talking. These people stay by our sides through thick and thin, and are the type of person we can spend hours with and never get sick of. These are the faithful friends, the people who don’t judge us, and the people we tell our secrets to. These are the ‘best friends’.