De-Cluttering Your House For A Better Sex Life


I’m a big believer in living simply and letting go of clutter that no longer serves me - this applies to both my home, and my head. I believe that if our house is messy and full of junk, then it’s a pretty good reflection of where our head is at. My advice: get rid of the messy clutter that you don’t need and allow new energy to flow into your home and your body

How does this principle apply directly to sexual energy? It’s pretty straight forward: at some stage in life we hold onto past relationships and negative energy that is no longer useful to us. Holding onto possessions that your ex-partner gave you, or that you bought together…this type of stuff holds memories and energy that may be holding you back from moving on. It’s painful to let go of a relationship, but it’s even more painful if you drag out the process by surrounding yourself with possessions that remind you of them. If you are identifying with what I’m saying, it’s time to spring clean!

I regularly have clients come to me wanting advice on how to attract new sexual partners into their life. These people have often been single for a while and are seeking sexual connection, yet it’s not coming into their life easily. The first thing we work on is clearing their home to make way for the new, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than entering the home of a potential new partner and seeing photo of their ex on the mantle piece.

Clean out your house, don’t hesitate in throwing out everything and starting again. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a fresh new space, and a bedroom that feels ready for a new partner andnew sexual experiences. And as mentioned, if your home is clear, I guarantee your head will be clearer, which allows for amazing new people to enter your life.

Published in the Gold Coast Bulletin October, 2015