4 Ways You Can Use Essential Oils For Sensuality & Sex Drive


Essential oils really are a huge part of my life and my sanity. I use them every single day in all sorts of ways, including to boost my sensuality and sex drive. 

What I love most about essential oils is that they are 100% natural and most of them are safe to use both externally, and internally. Plus they smell so damn good that they make my entire body and house smell super sensual and delicious.

Here’s 4 easy ways you can begin to use essential oils to boost your sex life and increase your sensuality:

#1 Mix them with coconut oil & rub them on your chest

Every morning after my shower I mix up a special little batch of organic coconut oil with essential oils and rub them on my chest. Each day I choose oils that I feel drawn to, or feel I need, and the smell invigorates me and makes me smell delicious. Lots of coconut oil brands leave you feeling super oily - my favourite brand is doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil, it sinks in fast and is really silky on the skin.

My current favourite morning oil mix is vetiver + bergamot + sandalwood.

#2 Put oils in a diffuser or oil burner

I use a diffuser every day, both in my home office and our bedrooms (including my daughter’s room). Diffusers are amazing because they run for hours and turn off automatically, so they’re really convenient.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite oils to a diffuser and let the smell of the oils linger in your home. This is a beautiful way to feel more sensual because the scent of the oils naturally arouses the senses.

If you prefer to use an oil burner, this is equally as effective and the candle creates ambience.

My current favourite diffuser blend is wild orange + frankincense + ylang ylang.

#3 Use oils for sensual massage, by yourself or with a lover

Massage is one of my favourite pastimes, I often massage my whole body with coconut oil before a hot bath to relax me and connect with my body. You can also use massage to connect with your lover. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to coconut oil and you’re ready to go! Read about my favourite essential oils for sensuality HERE.

#4 Add oils to a hot bath

Run a hot bath, add essential oils (I add about 5 - 10 drops) and a squirt of coconut oil, and soak up the sexy goodness. Enjoying the sensation of hot water on your skin, combined with the scent of the oils, is bliss. This is a great way to connect with yourself sensually, or share the experience with a lover.

My favourite bath mix is cedar wood + sandalwood + wild orange + grapefruit.