Fantasy File #03

Fantasy Files is a joint collaboration between Sexologist Juliet Allen and artist Tina Maria Elena. The project combines sexual fantasy, writing and art. Seven fantasies will be revealed over seven days, all written and submitted by real-life women from around the globe. The Fantasy Files project aims to empower women and men to embrace their sexual fantasy and desire and enjoy their sexuality in all it's senses.

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak

Artist // Tina Maria Elena Bak


My Victim's wrists are bound tightly, clasped above her head.

She is naked, on her back, in the centre of a darkened room illuminated only by candlelight. Her hips are raised by firm cushions and She is calm.

A man and woman stand either side of her, they are nude but for white face masks. Each grips my Victim's ankles, pulling her legs outstretched, so her nakedness is exposed and spread. 

My Victim's face is draped in black silk. I know who she is, but the audience does not. 

I know she wants this; that is why she has come. 

The crowd surrounding us is poised; curious and tense, waiting to see what I will do next. Waiting.

I approach my Victim, crop in hand. 

I nod silently to the man and woman holding her. They spread her thighs wider. Her beautiful, wet pussy glistens in the flickering candlelight. 

I move slowly around her, caressing her stomach, breasts, neck and arms with the tip of my crop. She moans softly but remains still with anticipation. 

My heels click on the floorboards as I take my place between her thighs. I pick up the small vile of hot, sweet, scented oil.

I trickle the oil down the inside of her thighs. The heat bites her skin and she whimpers, but within seconds my hands are on her, soothing her, my hands running down her inner thighs. 

She quivers and sighs, but her legs held firmly in place cannot move. I massage the oil into the crevice of her thighs, down over her buttocks and back up across her smooth mound, brushing my fingers across her exposed clitoris. 

She shivers under my touch, wanting more, but knowing what must happen first. 

Though I am in control, I am helpless to her; I want to taste her first. I need her.

I kneel down and lap at her slowly, feeling her clit swell under my tongue. She lets out a sigh of relief and softens into me.

I pull away and cast a smile at the audience who stare, enthralled. I switch modes and bring my crop down for the first two blows across the backs her thighs. She cries out, jerks and her ankles are gripped with greater force. 

The audience gasps delightedly and urges me to go on. They are greedy for her pain. I am greedy for her pleasure. 

I lash at her thighs twenty times over until the raised welts weep and so too does she. I break her until she can take no more. She screams and I bury my face in her cunt and lick at the wetness that seeps out. 

The searing agony has ignited her nerve endings and the sudden switch from pain to pleasure heightens every touch of my tongue. 

She is writhing now as I suck and tease her clit. I motion to the man on her right. He frees her leg and takes up the crop. Moving in behind me, he lands ten stinging lashes across my back, as I continue to drink her in.

He stops and I reposition myself at her side so I can keep licking at her clit, whilst my slave slides his cock deep into her. She lets out a guttural moan, her freed leg shaking with the intensity of her pleasure. 

I keep tonguing her, building with the rhythm of his cock thrusting in and out. He is controlled and measured, but I am wild with the heat of her as she screams with abandon.

Her body contracts, her clit pulsing on my tongue and I know she is spent. He pulls out and I cover her tortured thighs with soft kisses.

The spectators are still in silent rapture, surrounding our tableau of hedonism. 

I motion to the man to stand beside the woman, who still grips the Victim's ankle. I rise, enflamed yet composed and throw a wicked smile to the crowd. 

The show has only just begun.

Author // Zoe

Artist //

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