Moan and Scream Your Way To Better Sex


I’ve always been very vocal when making love and f*cking. No one taught me to be vocal, I just naturally allow sound to flow during sex, especially when I climax. When I was younger I thought every woman used sound (moaning, screaming, talking, whispering) to amplify her sexual experience … until I made love to a woman who was very quiet and controlled with her vocals … this experience gave me an insight into how unique our sexual experiences are, and so I wondered, 'is orgasm and sex more powerful if sound is used?'. 

So naturally, I did some research (alongside my own personal experiences over the years, of course) and found that yes, when sound is used, sex can be more powerful (not always, but very likely it is). Why? Well firstly, using sound during sex is a means of communicating what feels good and what’s pleasurable … moaning is a subtle non-verbal that conveys to our partner/s what we enjoy. Note: Do not confuse ‘sound’ with the fake loud moans in porn, because this is most likely just acting and generally not genuine pleasure.

A common concern from people is that they are too loud ... often this is because their partner tells them to be quiet, or their flat mates complain the morning after. I believe you’ve got to do what’s right for you. Of course there’s a time and a place for screaming … and yes, sometimes there are others in the house to consider. But next time your partner tells you you’re ‘too loud’, tell them to take a chill pill and embrace the fact that you are a vocal, sexual human being. I don’t believe there is someone who is too loud. Each to their own. If you’re enjoying sex and being vocal about it, embrace this part of yourself and f*cking GO FOR IT.

And let’s be honest, hearing your lover moan during sex is a huge turn on (I’m talking genuine moaning, not fake orgasm moaning … because yes, there’s a difference). Hearing a woman or man in the throws of pleasure, tuning into their sound and their smell and their juice … well it’s magical, to say the least. So next time you enjoy sex and you hear yourself scream I say fu*cking go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain … plus your partner will love you for it.

This article was originally published in TALK TABU

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