How To Fall In Love With Your Breasts


This is an invitation for all women, an invitation to begin seeing your breasts in a new light, an invitation to begin touching your breasts with love and embracing their beauty, just as they are. I know it’s not always that easy, to embrace and love a part of yourself that you’ve previously ignored, but I promise you that once you work through what it is that’s holding you back from embracing this part of your body, the rewards are endless and the self-love is unlimited.

I myself have had an up and down relationship with my own breasts. Before my daughter arrived I loved them; they were firm and perky and in my eyes, perfect. When pregnant they were huge, and I loved that, but I struggled because I didn’t see them as sexual anymore … instead they turned into sustenance and food for my baby girl. After 18 months of breast feeding my nipples were bigger and my breasts lacked the firmness from before. And so began a journey of slowly accepting that they had changed and that I needed to embrace this change and know that breastfeeding my baby was far more rewarding than having the perkiest breasts in town. 

So women, whatever it is that’s holding you back from loving your breasts, I encourage to to deal with it, and then move forward into giving your breasts love every single day from now on.

Massage Your Breasts

My favourite ritual is to grab a jar of organic coconut oil and take my time slowly and lovingly massaging my breasts. I find that if I put on some sensual music that I feel into the massage even more, and it ignites something more sensual inside me. Breast massage is the ultimate gift of self-love and I encourage you to practice this every day.

Touch Your Breasts More Often

How often do you touch your own breasts? Until recently I rarely touched my breasts in fear that I would find a lump … this stems from my Mother having breast cancer and having a deep fear that I would one day find a lump in my own breasts. Nowadays I touch my breasts when I am getting changed, when I am naked around the house, and always when I am making love. Get familiar with how your breasts feel and embrace them for their beautiful size, shape and softness.

Wear Beautiful Bras

Ok let’s be honest, some of us hardly ever wear bras (me included), but for those of you who do, I encourage you to invest money into beautiful lingerie. I recently bought the most beautiful black lace bra and holy hell, I love the way I feel and look in it. Spend money on quality underwear and your breasts will love you for it!

This article was originally published on TALK TABU

Juliet Allen