Ladies, Stop Faking Orgasms


It’s 2015 and women are faking orgasms left, right and centre. Personally I believe faking an orgasm is ripping myself off, which is why I choose not to do it. I’d rather not have an orgasm at all, than fake it with my partner. But not every woman is the same, in fact many women I speak to say they feel dissatisfied sexually and would rather ‘get it over and done with’. When this scenario plays out, their lovers assume their partner is sexually satisfied, and therefor don’t see the need to go the extra mile. 

So how can this orgasm faking epidemic be solved? Here are my top 3 tips:

#1 Communicate and be honest

Stop lying to yourself, and your partner. If you’re faking orgasms, it’s time to stop. I know it’s easier said than done, but believe me, spending the rest of your life faking is going to get boring (and before long you won’t want sex at all). Be honest with yourself and your lover and you’ll be on the right track to authentic pleasure.

#2 Take control of your own orgasm

Ladies, it’s time to take control of your own orgasm and stop leaving it up to others. If you can’t pleasure yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Learn how to reach orgasm solo, get to know what turns you on, and then take that knowledge into sex with others. If you’re partner isn’t touching you in all the right places, touch yourself and take things into your own hands (literally).

#3 Get back to basics

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay… this one is particularly aimed at the men. If you truly want to pleasure a woman, you must know the importance of warming her up. Take things slowly, get to know exactly what turns her on, and don’t stop communicating. Remember women take a lot longer than men to reach orgasm, so stop putting false expectations on the length of time it takes for her to climax. Every woman is different, have patience and encourage her to show you what feels good.

Published in the Gold Coast Bulletin August, 2015