To period sex, or not to period sex?


It’s the age old question - ‘Should we have sex when we are bleeding?’. Well I say yes … if you want to that is. Truth is, like any other sexual activity, sex while menstruating is a personal preference. Some of us love it, some don’t. The bottom line is that we need to respect and love each other whether we do or don’t enjoy it.

Personally, I really enjoy period sex. When I bleed I'm happy because it’s a sacred time for me and the fact I get my period means I’m a woman (and I LOVE being a woman). I find period sex with the right person (usually a long-term committed relationship) to be a huge turn on but, reality is, some periods really knock me about (I’ve recently been diagnosed with endometriosis which explains why my periods have been super painful) and sometimes sex is the last thing on my mind. So really, period sex is a completely organic experience from woman-to-woman, man-to-man, month-to-month, partner-to-partner etc. 

But period sex is messy, isn’t it?!’ Hell yes, penetrative sex during your period can be a little (or a lot) messy. But hey, chuck down a towel and get to it … or jump in the shower. Just make sure you are with someone who respects you and always use protection if it’s with anyone other than a long-term monogamous relationship.

And remember, penetrative vaginal sex is not the only way to enjoy sex. If you use tampons you can still enjoy receiving (or giving) oral sex, or if you want to have sex with yourself you can masturbate (or mutually masturbate with your partner). Plus there's always anal, if that's your thing. There's so many different ways to enjoy sex ... simply doing some Tantric breathing and eye gazing can bring about intense intimacy and orgasm without any touching or nudity at all (more on that in my next article coming very soon).

So, if you're curious, I encourage you to explore this sexual realm and find out what you do and don’t enjoy (you may hate period sex altogether, and that’s ok too). Remember, we are all unique sexual beings and we all love different things and we need to love and respect each other for our differences.

This article as published on TABU in October 2016.

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