4 Myths About Long Term Relationships That Aren’t True


Do you ever look at people in long term relationships and assume that everything is okay and that they’re cruising through life with ease? Or perhaps you look at your parents who’ve been married for 40 + years and vow never to be in a relationship like them? Either way, there are a lot of myths that we believe about long-term relationships and today I’m here to bust a few:

#1 You’ll never have feelings for another person

Bing bong. Just because you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your living days with your partner, doesn’t mean you’ll never find another human being attractive. It’s normal to notice amazing qualities in other people, and more often than not those qualities are attractive and sexy. But this is where commitment comes in…choosing how you act in those moments of temptation show a lot about your level of commitment and love in your relationship. My advice: think before you act.

#2 You have to have a big wedding and babies

It’s 2016 and reality is people are doing things differently. If marriage and babies aren’t for you, then don’t do it. Stop worrying about what your parents will think, or what your siblings are currently doing, and begin living your life your way. Your life, your rules.

#3 You lose yourself

It’s often assumed that people in long term relationships ‘lose’ themselves. Fact of the matter is that you may lose a little, but you’ll gain even more by being in a relationship. Relationships are our biggest teachers…being in a relationship with another human gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves that we can learn alone. You won’t lose yourself, take the plunge and jump into a relationship and I guarantee you will become a stronger and more powerful person.

#4 Everything is easy once you’ve made a long-term commitment

News flash, long term relationships are hard work. Learning and growing as an individual, alongside another person, is going to be one of your biggest and most challenging life choices…but it’s worth it. You see being in a long-term relationship means that you are growing together, and this requires a hell of a lot of understanding and support from both people. Long-term relationships are not easy, but with commitment and love, anything is possible. 


Juliet Allen