Creating a Sacred Space for Sex


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Creating a safe and sacred space for ourselves is the first step to experiencing solo and coupled Tantric sex. Personally, I have always been aware of how big an impact my surroundings have on my sensuality and sexuality, and so I always ensure my entire home feels like a sanctuary.

The bedroom in particular is where the magic happens - I recommend investing in beautiful bed sheets, luxe pillows, high quality candles, essential oils in a diffuser, and incense. I also recommend burning sage and/or palo santo every day to cleanse your home of negative or stagnant energy. 

Create space - both energetically (using sage) and physically. Remove all clutter from the bedroom – dispose of junk, unused items, old photos that carry negative energy, and random items that no longer serve you. 

Remember, less is more. DO NOT use your bedroom for work (i.e. laptops) or watching television; this is not Tantric or romantic. Ensure that your bedroom is for sleep and sex only.

Set up an altar - an elevated space in the room where you place items of importance that help you to manifest what you want in life. On my bedroom altar I always have a beautiful candle burning, a crystal, a photo of my daughter, my crystal pleasure wand, a piece of writing with intentions for my year ahead, a $100 note for abundance, and a bowl with sage and palo santo ready to burn. These items vary and change throughout the year depending on what I am wanting to experience and manifest in my life.

A note on boundaries around sacred space: This space is for YOU (and your beloved and/or lovers), so I encourage you to protect the space and set boundaries around who enters it. If you are single, become aware of other people’s energy, and only invite lovers into your space who respect you. They must enter with positive and loving vibes only. 

If you are a parent, teach your children that your bedroom is for sleep and love-making. Set boundaries around how they treat this sacred space. It’s okay to set boundaries; never feel bad about protecting your love-making temple.

Once you’ve made your bedroom and sexual sanctuary, you can incorporate a daily morning practice that gives you a chance to feel into what you want for your life, and what energy you want to bring into your home. Creating rituals and morning practices is a beautiful way to self-connect and set intentions for you life.

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