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How To Know If Your Relationship Is Right For You

Many, many couples make the mistake of committing to someone because their heart centre says YES, but their sex centre was always NO. Or, their sex centre was YES, so the sex was fucking great, but deep down their heart and intuition always felt off. There’s so many different combinations of the YES’S and NO’S, but I find this process very handy when choosing who we interact with sexually and who we enter into committed relationships with.

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A Guide to the Sacred Art of Pussy Worship

The sacred art of pussy worship, is it even a thing? Yes, yes it is. And if you’re new to the idea of pussy worship then sit tight, because you’re about to learn a thing or two about what it really means to truly love a woman in her entirety. Pussy, Yoni, Vagina, Vulva, Cunt, Kitty, Flower … to be honest it really doesn’t matter what we call it, what matters is that we ALL honour and worship every woman’s pussy like a fucking temple. A temple that demands deep reverence, love and full respect. The gift of the sacred art of pussy worship is that the woman who is receiving can do just that; surrender to the man (or woman) who is worshipping them and receive the gift of presence and pleasure that unfolds.

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The Difference Between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex & Ecstatic Sex

As women, when we allow ourselves to be penetrated by another, we open our pussy and womb space (and quite possibly mouth and ass) up to the consciousness of our chosen lover. We take them into us physically and, we take them into us energetically. We absorb their consciousness into our entire being. Often when this happens we open ourselves up to all sorts of emotions and feelings that impact us on a deep level in both positive and negative ways.

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The Art Of Sex Magic & Manifesting What You Want

Over the past few months I have supercharged my manifesting skills in life by exploring and creating with sex magic. Sex magic, put simply, is using the power of our sexual and orgasmic energy to manifest exactly what we want in life. Sex magic can be practiced anytime, anywhere. When we allow ourselves to tap into the power of manifesting during self-pleasure, or love-making with a lover/beloved, we are tapping into the power of our life force energy and creating from a space of pure consciousness and love.

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7 Must-Read Books About Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Education and ongoing growth is the key to living a life full of amazing sex, intimacy and connection with ourself and with others. Aside from my own book, Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy, I recommend these following books as resources that have changed my life and expanded my own experience sex, orgasm and love.

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Deep Fear, Vulnerability & Being Seen In My Truth

Today I'm feeling to talk about vulnerability and sharing our truth as individuals. I'm sharing about this because it's something that I'm exploring deeply within myself and it keeps showing up in my life as a challenge. You see, I share a lot of myself on social media and with my friends, but often when it comes to intimate relationships, I've noticed I hold back a little ... it's like I don't want to be 'too much' - too opinionated, too sexual, too business-focussed, too spiritual, too loving, too alternative, too mainstream, too crazy, too horny, too hippy ... fucking hell, it's crazy how we can judge ourselves and keep ourselves small just to please others.

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A Guide To The Sacred Art of Cock Worship

The sacred art of cock worship, is it even a thing? Yes, it is! And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t require a bunch of magical Tantric sex techniques to achieve … in fact, cock worship is a simple and erotic practice that anyone can enjoy if they want it enough.So, what is cock worship? Well it’s a beautiful practice that involves worshipping and lavishing attention on the cock of your choice … naturally cock worship is best enjoyed with a lover of whom you adore.

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6 Signs You Are A Sacred Slut

She is a woman, who, through ritual or psychological development, has come to know the spiritual side of her sexuality, her true eroticism, and lives this out according to her individual circumstances. The Sacred Slut resides within us all, both women and men - she’s not ashamed of her sexuality, she embraces it all and owns that part of herself. 

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Creating a Sacred Space for Sex

Creating a safe and sacred space for ourselves is the first step to experiencing solo and coupled Tantric sex. Personally, I have always been aware of how big an impact my surroundings have on my sensuality and sexuality, and so I always ensure my entire home feels like a sanctuary.

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6 Secrets of Tantric Lesbian Sex

Is Tantric sex a ‘thing’ for women who have sex with women? How can we have deeper intimacy and ecstatic sex on a regular basis? My sex life with my woman is stale, how can I bring back the excitement? Every week I get questions from women who have sex with women about how they can experience better, more connected sex (on a regular basis). I myself have explored the world of Tantra with a female lover, and so I’m here to impart some secrets I’ve learnt along the way about Tantric lesbian sex.

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Are you a lady-in-waiting? Or are you a Queen, ready for a King?

Are you a lady in waiting attracting the prince whose looking good and going nowhere? Or are you a Queen ready for a King? 

The lady in waiting can have a little bit of power by sleeping with a man and enchanting him with her sexuality.  She can also have a little bit of power by meeting a man's desires, expectations and ideas of how his ideal woman should behave. 

But she doesn't have legitimate power, because she is giving 80 per cent and he is only giving 20 per cent.

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BEST OF 2016: Ecstatic Orgasm, Kundalini Tantra, Zen Spanking, Crystal Pleasure Wands, Pussy Massage & Tantric Dance

This year I pushed my boundaries in all ways possible; I surrounded myself with powerful, inspiring leaders in the area of sexuality & Tantra, I attended a myriad of workshops and events so that I could expand myself both personally and professionally, and I feel I truly experienced ecstasy and pleasure like never before. There were extreme highs, and there were extreme lows. There was extreme pain, and extreme pleasure. All-in-all I believe this year has been by far one of the best in my life (and that’s a BIG call, ‘cos my life has been pretty damn good). 

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Tantra 101: Take Sex to a Whole New Level

Are you ready to take sex and intimacy to a whole new level? Do you feel like there’s something missing from your existing sex life? Or perhaps you’re craving a deeper and more powerful level of connection with your lover but can’t quite seem to reach it? Enter Tantric Sex. A conscious way of fucking that gives sex a whole new level of deliciousness and meaning. 

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How To Honour Pussy Like A Sacred Temple

Ladies, it’s time to honour our vagina’s and treat them like the divine and exquisite temple that they are, allowing only amazing energy and love to enter our sacred space. All too often we as a women don’t give our pussy the love that it needs and deserves. When we neglect our pussy it overflows into us not enjoying our sexuality in it’s fullness, and we definitely don’t reap the full benefits and pleasure of sex and love-making with others.

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Making Love vs. Fu*cking

Is it possible to ‘make love’ with someone when you sleep with them for the first time? Or make love to them even when you're not actually 'in love' with them? Yes. Yes. Yes. Often we make the mistake of assuming that 'making love' is something that’s only for people who are 'in love'. But this is far from the truth. When we are both connected at our three centres - our sex centre, our heart centre & our consciousness - sex becomes a beautiful exchange of energy, love and magical union. Sex becomes love in a physical and spiritual form.

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