The Art Of Sex Magic & Manifesting What You Want

Artist // Hanako Mimiko

Artist // Hanako Mimiko


Over the past few months I have supercharged my manifesting skills in life by exploring and creating with sex magic. Sex magic, put simply, is using the power of our sexual and orgasmic energy to manifest exactly what we want in life. 

Sex magic can be practiced anytime, anywhere. When we allow ourselves to tap into the power of manifesting during self-pleasure, or love-making with a lover/beloved, we are tapping into the power of our life force energy and creating from a space of pure consciousness and love.

So, how does sex magic work? Well, all that is required is that you set an intention for your love-making session (whether that be with yourself, or with your lover) and ride the wave of orgasmic, sexual energy whilst holding that which you want to manifest in your consciousness.

Here’s an example of a few things I have consciously manifested in the past few months using sex magic:

  • Increased financial abundance (I tripled my income within a month)

  • Opportunities to work overseas in 2018

  • A new idea for an online course that I am now writing and developing

  • A new lover who meets me at ALL four centres in my body

  • A new level of health and vitality, allowing me to wake up earlier than ever before and enjoy the sunrise every morning at the beach

Alongside naming your intention and getting laser focussed on what it is you want to manifest, there are also a couple of other factors that will allow you to supercharge your experience of sex magic and take it to a whole new level.

Using the energy of the moon

The moon is a powerful, mystical, amazing force that has the ability to really charge up our sexual experiences. I recommend practicing sex magic under the full moon, or new moon.

Using the elements

Fire, earth, water and air - incorporate these four elements into sex and you are guaranteed to feel more alive, more supported by the earth, and more magic.

Here’s an example: Make love beside a fire, under the moonlight, on the bare earth. This is when the seriously powerful sex magic happens!!

Using menstrual blood

A woman’s menstrual blood is powerful - the womb is a channel of power, creativity and beauty. When a woman is bleeding, it is considered a deep honour to make love to her. Practicing sex magic whilst bleeding truly is my all-time favourite way of practicing sex magic with my lover.

Want to learn more? Read my eBook Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy. Or download my free Sex Magic Ritual Guide below.