Podcast 05: Period Sex & The Sacred Power of Menstrual Blood


In this episode of Authentic Sex I talk about my personal journey with my blood and my cycle, in particular why I enjoy period sex and how I've learnt to honour myself during menstruation. I speak about why I believe a woman's blood is so sacred and why we, both women and men, need to learn more about how to embrace the different seasons of the monthly cycle. I also cover period sex and give practical tips on how to enjoy and experience great period sex with women.

In this episode I talk about:

  • My journey with my blood and my cycle

  • Using menstrual blood to manifest what you want

  • Why menstruation is so sacred

  • Using a moon cup verse a tampon

  • Why have period sex? 

  • How to have pleasurable period sex (practical tips)

Episode resources:

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