Podcast 04: Five Secrets of Sexually Empowered Women


What does it mean to feel sexually empowered as a woman? Why do some women appear sexually empowered, and others not so much? In this podcast I talk about my own definition of what it feels like to be an empowered woman in a world where sex is still so taboo. I also share what I believe to be the top five secrets of sexually empowered women. This episode is for anyone, both women and men, who want to dive deeper into how they can use their potent sexual energy to create a life they love.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How and why I live a sexually empowered life

  • The secrets of sexually empowered women - what you can do on a daily basis to feel more empowered!

  • How to own your darkness and your light

  • Why our body is a sacred temple

  • The importance of self-pleasure

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