Day Five - Career

Artist // @katbakcreativeboogie

Artist // @katbakcreativeboogie

We spend hours upon hours working and, believe it or not, our career pathway has a huge impact on our daily sex and relationship life. Why? Well it comes back to the impact of who we spend time with, and how we choose to spend our time. People who work in jobs/own businesses that they are passionate about and love, are generally happier and healthier human beings. And happy human beings are people who often find it easier to make time for and enjoy plentiful sex and intimacy.

Stress = low libido. This includes work stress (disliking your job, working long hours, feeling trapped, working with people who you don’t like/resonate with, working inside all day, managing a heavy workload etc). If you’re working in a job that you don’t enjoy, with people who have a negative vibe, then it’s likely that you’re feeling moderately or highly stressed. And I guarantee that if you feel even slightly stressed, then your libido and drive for deep intimacy won’t be at its optimum.

On the other hand, if you love your job and/or business, and feel happy with the freedom that it provides for you, then that is wonderful! This part of the course may be a little easier for you, however I still encourage you to listen to the audio and do the journaling and homework, because after all, there’s always more to discover and learn.

And for those of you who do dislike their job, this is an opportunity to have a good hard think about the choices you are making in this part of your life. I get that it may be difficult to think outside the box and consider that your job/career/business is impacting your sex life more than you think, but believe me, this could be the missing part of the puzzle that, if faced head on, will free you up to enjoy the sex life you’ve dreamed of.

* For the full time Mothers/Fathers, I haven’t forgotten you! Parenthood in itself is a full time, full on job … and it’s not to be underestimated. I get it, I’m a Mum myself and I know how full on the parenting gig can be. So, if this is you, and you’re currently not in paid employment, then you have a couple of options when completing today’s module.

  1. Treat the content, journaling and homework as though I am talking about parenthood as your job (which it is! And a very important job, too). Think outside the box … perhaps there are changes to be made with parenting, or time out that you need, or help that you require to be an effective and loving parent.

  2. Put parenting aside and think about the career that you want to continue/create if you choose to eventually go back to the workplace/business. Another option is to begin a new business whilst at home with the kids, this is what I did and I love the flexibility that it provides as a Mother.

  3. Skip this module all together - have a day off and have fun! The choice is yours. Just know that you’re an awesome parent and I take my hat off to you that you’re choosing to put yourself first and do this course, whilst also balancing parenthood. Parents rule!

Day Five - Audio

Day Five - Journaling Questions

On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy do I feel with my current career choice/job/business/parenting?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is one thing I can do TODAY that will allow me to feel closer to a 10/10 about my career?

Refer to day three homework and look at the 3 - 5 words that describe how you want to feel each day. Does your current job/career allow you to feel this way?

Do I arrive home at the end of a work day feeling inspired and ready to enjoy intimacy, connection and sex?

What messages did my parents give me about work/career/business?

If I could do ANYTHING for work (other than what I am doing now, or upgrading what I am doing now), what would it be?

What’s stopping me from getting/creating my dream job?!

Do I enjoy spending time with my work colleagues? If not, why not? (think back to the 5 people you spend most time with and apply this principle to people in your workplace).

Write a day in the life of my dream career … what would I be doing for work? How many hours a day would I work? How many days a week? Where would I be located? Who would I work with? Dream BIG. Write it ALL down. Don’t think, just write and see what unfolds as the dream.

Day Five - Homework

1. Have a conversation with a loved one (partner, friend, family member) about how you are feeling about your current job. If you’re feeling shit, share it. If you’re feeling great, celebrate that. Sharing how we feel with our loved ones is the first step to making a change.

2. If you have identified that things need to change at work, have the courageous conversation with your boss about what changes you would like (be honest). You never know if you never ask, she/he may turn around and give you a big fat YES! And if they don’t, then it’s time to hunt for something new, because you’re god damn worth it.

3. If you run your own business, but you’re not enjoying it, what changes do you need to make within the business TODAY to begin enjoying it more? Eg. Hire an assistant, work less hours, stop working from home, upgrade my website, outsource etc). Make at least ONE change TODAY. After all, you’re the boss!

4. Quit your job. That’s right, if you hate your job, quit. I get it, it’s easier said than done, and perhaps there’s a few things you have to get in place so that you can do it (like replace the income, find a new job, save up some back up money etc). But believe me, if you take the leap of faith today, doors will open to new possibilities and opportunities!

Day Five - Recommended Reading

The Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma

Day Five - Recommended Podcast Listening

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