Day Six - Money

Artist // @alexandria_coe

Artist // @alexandria_coe

Money is by far one of the biggest causes of stress and quite possibly one of the biggest underlying causes of low libido and relationship breakdowns. Why? Well, they say ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’, but I disagree. When money is flowing and abundant, and when we know how to manage our money effectively, we feel happier and more at ease with life. And when we feel happier and at ease, we are more likely to desire more sex, intimacy and connection. Now for those of you reading this who feel triggered (challenged, annoyed etc) by what I’m saying, stick with me! Let’s take a look at some of the things that money DOES bring to our lives:

Freedom - freedom to explore the world, freedom to eat organic produce, freedom to have romantic weekends away with our lovers/partners, freedom to enjoy self-care in the form of massages, acupuncture, therapy/coaching, freedom to educate our kids, freedom to enjoy quality time with our family … the list goes on.

Confidence and ease - Knowing we have money in the bank gives us confidence and is definitely a weight taken off our shoulders (AKA less stress!). If you don’t know how you’re going to pay your next electricity bill, or you’re being chased by the bank for loan repayments, this creates intense underlying stress in the body and nervous system, which very quickly leads to low libido and decreased happiness. I’m not saying you need to be a millionaire to be happy, what I’m saying is that when our financial needs are met, we often feel a huge weight lift off our shoulders.

Health - Being able to afford quality organic produce, great water quality, great emotional support in the form of coaches and bodyworkers, holistic exercise classes … all of these things contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual well being. And when we are feeling healthy and taking care of our wellbeing, we feel more likely to want to enjoy intimacy and sex, both with ourselves and with our partners/lovers.

Now let’s be honest, the money topic always seems to bring up emotion and charge … that’s because we all have money ‘stuff/shit/baggage’ that gets in the way of us enjoying abundance and financial flow. My advice, work on your money shit and pave the way for financial freedom as soon as possible!

FYI, one of the biggest influences on our financial situation is the attitude of our parents around the topic (which is often negative and supportive of ‘lack mentality’). Sound familiar? you’ll have the opportunity to explore how your parents have influenced your current financial situation in the journaling questions below. For now, take time to listen to the accompanying audio.

Day Six - Audio

Day Six - Journaling Questions

On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy do I feel with my current financial situation?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is one thing I can do TODAY that will allow me to feel closer to a 10/10 about my financial situation?

What were the attitudes and ideas that my parents had about money when I was a child? Write down statements that you remember them saying, eg. ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘Money doesn’t bring happiness’, ‘We can’t afford it’, ‘It’s too expensive’ etc.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do I feel my parents attitudes have influenced my own attitudes about money?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is holding me back from creating a new story about money and allowing abundant wealth into my life?

What is holding me back from managing my money better?

What are the attitudes of the people I spend most time with about money? (revisit the journaling questions from day four)

What do I ideally want to be earning from today onwards? Dream big.

What changes do I need to make in my current career, or business, to reach my financial goals?

Who do I trust to have a conversation about money this week and gain support from?

* Note: for couples completing the course together, it may be nice to complete these journal questions together. Working as a team with the family financials is essential for a healthy, happy sex life!

Day Six - Homework

1. Make a commitment TODAY to make big changes in the area of money! Have a conversation with your partner or a friend about what changes you are willing to make. Write the changes down on a piece of paper and put them up somewhere in your home where you can read them every day for the next month!

2. Begin reading ‘The Barefoot Investor’ by Scott Pape. This book changed my life in the area of money management - I got out of debt, began saving money for a house deposit and genuinely feel financially free for the first time in my life, all because I read this book and followed the formula!  Whether you’re a retiree, low income earner, or high income earner … this book is for EVERYONE, and it works!

3. Get clear on what you are earning at the moment, and what you would LOVE to earn. Write down your dream income and put it up in your home so you can see it and manifest it! And, if you are earning what you want, and you are happy, get clear on how you can manage your money even more effectively so that you have your money working for you!

Day Six - Recommended Reading

Barefoot Investor - Scott Pape

Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

The Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris

Day Six - Recommended Podcast Listening

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