Day Seven - Sex

Artist // @minzo.king

Artist // @minzo.king


Sex; quite possibly the most complex of all the topics that we have covered in this course! But firstly, if you’ve made it to today, congratulations! By now you would have made some significant changes in your everyday life that will most definitely have a long term positive impact on your sexual energy and relationships! You may not magically feel like a sex goddess/god, but you are well on your way to creating a beautiful life that you love.

Today is about exploring your relationship to sex on a deeper level. Sexual energy is our lifeforce energy, it exists within us all, and every single human being experiences some sort of sex in a lifetime. Sex is a highly emotive topic, and still very taboo in most cultures, so, where to start? Well, let’s begin by exploring WHY we all want to be experiencing amazing sex frequently:

  • Sex FEELS good, both emotionally, physically and spiritually

  • Sex is a gateway to deep connection and intimacy, with ourselves and with others

  • Sex is a healthy part of life, just as important as brushing our teeth, and exercising regularly

  • Sex with others is fun, exciting and often takes our consciousness to places that we can’t take ourselves alone

  • Sex allows us to create children; the essence of life for many of us who desire to be parents

  • Sex has the potential to be the pleasurable and satisfying experience in life!!

Unfortunately for us humans, we all have our sex hang-ups that get in the way of us experiencing amazing sex, so we don’t reap all of the above benefits that sex can provide for us! The reason being is that most of us aren’t brought up in sex-positive households, which leads to us adopting the negative beliefs about sex that our parents carry. Sex education in schools is also very limited, or non-existent, and as a result, we are literally feeling our way through sex, intimacy and relationships all the way into adulthood.

The good news is that you are worthy of ecstatic sex and deep intimacy, however it’s completely up to you to make the changes you need today! To gain a better understanding of sex, and to lay the foundations for great sex in your life, it’s time for you to explore your own belief system around sex, and then create a new one. Firstly, take time to listen to the audio, and then I recommend getting stuck into the journaling and homework today.

Day Seven - Audio

Day Seven - Journaling Questions

On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy do I feel with my current sex life?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What is one thing I can do TODAY that will allow me to feel closer to a 10/10 about my sex life?

What were the attitudes and ideas that my parents had about sex when I was a child? It may help to write down the things they told you, or the ideas that they had about sex.

What was the relationship like between my parents/caregivers when I was a child? Did they show affection? Did they value quality time and intimacy?

As a child, what were my thoughts and experiences of self-pleasure/masturbation, if any?

Write a day in the life of you in one years time. What type of sex would you be experiencing? How would you be feeling about sex, intimacy, connection and relationship?

What are your fears about sex?

What is lacking in your current sex life?

What do you want more of?

Day Seven - Homework

1. If you’re in a relationship, or seeing someone special, have a conversation with them about your current sex life. Here’s some questions for you both to reflect on that lead to great conversations and a better understanding of your needs and desires:

What am I enjoying about our sex life?

What am I not enjoying?

What do I want more of?

What do I want less of?

What do I want to bring in to our sex play that we’re not currently doing?

2. If you’re flying solo, choose a friend that you can open up to and share what you’ve learnt from this course, and what you’d like to work on in the area of sex. You may like to share what you explored in your journalling, or simply share what you want more of in the future in regards to sex and relationships!

3. Self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is where it all begins! I want you to set aside a time this week to enjoy self-pleasure. If you’re stuck for ideas, or experiencing blockages in this area, I recommend that you contact me for 1:1 coaching and I can support you in feeling more connected to your sexual energy and pleasure.

Day Seven - Recommended Reading

Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy - Juliet Allen

The Heart of Tantric Sex - Diana Richardson

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy - Margot Anand

The Power of Shakti - Pradma Prakasha

Day Seven - Recommended Podcast Listening

FYI - My entire AUTHENTIC SEX podcast is about sex! If you haven’t already, I recommend you jump in and begin listening to ALL the episodes, there’s plenty of information about all sorts of sex topics!

Find the podcast HERE. You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

* If you would extra support, guidance and coaching around any or all of the topics that you have explored in this course, please contact Juliet about 1:1 coaching. Juliet works with people globally via Skype and phone.

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