All Vulvas Are Amazing + Unique


Firstly, why use the word ‘Vulva’? The word vulva encompasses the whole kit ‘n kaboodle: the vagina, the inner and outer the lips, the urethra, the anus and the clitoris. You can call it whatever you want; pussy, fanny, fufu, golden gem, vag… but today I’m using the term Vulva.

Unfortunately, many of us barely know what our vulva looks like, never mind believe that it’s amazing and beautiful. Truth is, a lot of women have ‘vulva hang-ups’; fearing that their vulva is too big, too small, too dark in colour, too pink, too ‘flappy’, not ‘flappy’ enough… the list goes on. These hang-ups often transfer into feelings of anxiety when engaging in intimacy and sex with others, with a common fear amongst women that they’re not ‘normal’ down south.

Many blame this on the increase in consumption of porn and, what I call, ‘porn pussy’. Most women, at some stage, have been exposed to porn and vulvas on porn all has a very distinct ‘look’. ‘Porn pussy’ is very little, ‘tucked in’, clean, smooth, light in colour and ‘tight’. Unfortunately, many women compare their own vulvas to the vulva on porn stars and assume that because theirs isn’t like that, they’re not normal. Ladies, this is far from the truth!

What you see on porn is NOT a correct representation of a whole world of different looking vulvas! Producers of porn deliberately choose that ‘look’ of vulva (instead of representing the vast array of looks that exist amongst all women!). It’s time to embrace your beautiful vulva for what it is and let go of expectations of what it should look like.

Another contributing factor to vulva hang-ups is that fact we don’t talk about our vulvas enough! When was the last time you and your bestie compared vulvas and complemented each other on their differences and looks? We are happy comparing our faces and acknowledging that we all look different and unique… but when it comes to vulvas, we assume we are all the same. It’s time to bust this myth and make women aware that all vulvas look different and that no matter what we look like, we are beautiful, unique and amazing!

*Interested in viewing beautiful art work that represents different and unique styles of vulvas? Check out my favourite piece of art The Great Wall of Vagina  by Jamie McCartney.