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All Vulvas Are Amazing + Unique

Firstly, why use the word ‘Vulva’? The word vulva encompasses the whole kit ‘n kaboodle: the vagina, the inner and outer the lips, the urethra, the anus and the clitoris. You can call it whatever you want; pussy, fanny, fufu, golden gem, vag… but today I’m using the term Vulva.

Unfortunately, many of us barely know what our vulva looks like, never mind believe that it’s amazing and beautiful. Truth is, a lot of women have ‘vulva hang-ups’; fearing that their vulva is too big, too small, too dark in colour, too pink, too ‘flappy’, not ‘flappy’ enough… the list goes on. These hang-ups often transfer into feelings of anxiety when engaging in intimacy and sex with others, with a common fear amongst women that they’re not ‘normal’ down south.

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