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All Vulvas Are Amazing + Unique

Firstly, why use the word ‘Vulva’? The word vulva encompasses the whole kit ‘n kaboodle: the vagina, the inner and outer the lips, the urethra, the anus and the clitoris. You can call it whatever you want; pussy, fanny, fufu, golden gem, vag… but today I’m using the term Vulva.

Unfortunately, many of us barely know what our vulva looks like, never mind believe that it’s amazing and beautiful. Truth is, a lot of women have ‘vulva hang-ups’; fearing that their vulva is too big, too small, too dark in colour, too pink, too ‘flappy’, not ‘flappy’ enough… the list goes on. These hang-ups often transfer into feelings of anxiety when engaging in intimacy and sex with others, with a common fear amongst women that they’re not ‘normal’ down south.

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Release Your Inner Sex Goddess

A goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her. She is a woman who knows of the magic and mysterious places inside her, the sacred places that can nurture her soul and make her whole.

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I Never Thought I Would Fall In Love With A Woman ... Until I Met You

As a young woman I experimented with my sexuality freely, openly and with confidence.  When reflecting on my first sexual experience it was with a girl, we were both 14 years old.

Entering womanhood I found myself enjoying sex with both men and women, but mostly men.  I was lucky enough to fall in love with more than one man during my twenties and at age 24 I was blessed with becoming a Mum to my beautiful daughter.  I was in a loving relationship and happy and yet I knew deep down that I still had more to experience, more to explore. 

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Stop Faking Orgasms

Communication & honesty is essential when it comes to experiencing orgasm alongside your partner. This video addresses the question, 'How do I stop faking orgasms?' For some women orgasm is easy and natural. For others, it takes time. Orgasm isn't the 'be all and end all', but it is a powerful and beautiful experience that I believe everyone has the right to explore and experience. If you're caught up in faking orgasms, this is a MUST WATCH.

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