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Why Sex & Intimacy Are Good For Business

Ever feel so wrapped up and passionate about your business that its a challenge to find time for your relationship and sex life?  Feel like you are torn between two lovers, so to speak? Successfully balancing business and pleasure is an art form that requires patience, passion, communication and great health 

Its no secret that sex is great for your physical and mental, health and wellbeing. Regular, healthy sex is fun, pleasurable and creates a unique opportunity to experience intimacy and connection with your partner. But what happens when business is busy and your fast-paced entrepreneurial lifestyle zaps you of any energy left to be intimate at the end of the day?

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How To Keep The Woman You Love

It seems that in today’s day and age, there is a unique art to keeping a loving relationship alive and well. The rates of divorce are always on the rise and there is an epidemic of unhappy couples and failed long-term relationships. If I held the key to keeping the spark alive, then I’d be one happy and wealthy sexologist. Unfortunately though, every individual relationship has its own unique challenges, and there is no quick fix for a once happy (and now falling-to-bits) couple.

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