Tantra: More To Sex Than Meets The Eye


Feel like you’ve had a great sex life, but know there’s got to be even more to experience within your sexuality? I’ve always felt this way…I have forever been a ‘sexual explorer’, wanting to learn and grow each day within my sexual self. I believe I am always open to new experiences and wild encounters…whilst also wanting connection, respect and a sense of love to be present with my partners. 

As a Sexologist I’ve done my fair share of sex research, and consider myself pretty well educated and experienced when it comes to sex and relationships. Lately though, I’ve felt a calling to explore a different side of sex; Tantra. Tantra has been calling my name for years…as a Yoga teacher I spent years exploring the movement of energy through my body and attended many meditative workshops that blew my mind. Now I feel like it’s time to take my experiences to a new level, and so a couple of weekends back I attended a festival in Byron Bay that allowed me to do that.

The Taste Of Love Festival was a conference about sex, love and consciousness. Simply put, it was two full days of workshops about tantra, kundalini energy, orgasmic meditation, conscious kink and deep connection with lovers. Tantra believes that love making can last longer, and the old tantrics believe that orgasm can be a mystical experience, often the most readily available mystical experience of all.  Tantra is believed to bring lovers closer, often feeling like they are united as one with each other, or a greater force. 

I took my (reluctant) partner along to the festival in Byron, with the intention of learning more about these sacred practices, whilst also hoping our relationship and sex would become closer and more connected. We dove in the deep end with the first workshop being all about sexual energy, chakra clearing and sacred connection. This workshop took connection with my beloved to a whole new level. Whilst looking into her eyes, I saw myself reflected in her, and felt a presence and love for her that is rare. 

Fast forwarding to the end of the weekend, I feel like I slightly dipped my toes into the world of Tantric sex, and know that this is just the beginning of what’s to come. I see myself merging my practice as a Sexologist with tantric practices, but first I know I have my own personal tantric journey to confront, and it’s only just begun. Stay tuned!