Podcast 012: Increasing Your Orgasmic Potential & Learn How To Hold Pleasure In Your Body


In this episode of the Authentic Sex podcast I speak about how to hold more pleasure in our body and how to expand our experience of orgasm in daily life. So many of us are engaging in goal-oriented sex whereby we race to the finish line and experience a clitoral or ejaculatory orgasm. Reality is that there is so much more to sex than this and if we can learn to hold pleasure in our body and cycle the orgasmic the energy around our body, then we naturally begin to access more ecstatic orgasmic states!

In this episode I talk about:

  • How to expand your orgasm and avoid explosive, short sharp orgasms

  • Breathing to expand orgasmic energy throughout our body

  • My own personal transformation with orgasm and pleasure

  • Increasing your libido and turn on ... on a daily basis

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